Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Astrology is it heliocentric or geocentric?


Astrology, not astronomy. Modern scientists and all their technology has set those standards.  Astrology has existed before, since the ancient times. Astrology is much more based upon a geocentric system.  It is easier and more logical to use than heliocentric. I'm not getting into a discussion or analysis on the subject of the local universe and solar system; that's another essay altogether.  This topic is distinct and separate.

Astrology exists according to the geocentric system.  That is a valid system, a fully functional structure of concepts.  There's no doubt about it, heliocentric does not dispute it, nor replace it.  Geocentric and heliocentric are basically different perspectives. One is not better than the other.

This is the basic and generalized answer from which to begin our inquiry. Further analysis requires diagrams and many details.

Suffice it to say that astrology has at its core the fundamental geocentric system.  This is the model of the localized universe which functions best. We are located on the Earth after all.  We are not located anywhere else.  Face the facts and accept truth.  We are not located on the Sun! We do not live on the Sun!!

We center ourselves in reality on the Earth in the Geocentric system.  We do not use the Heliocentric system for that.

ahgameN keyboA has explained the basics of the Geocentric system for Astro-science, especially regarding Astrology.  This is also the introduction to the new FIELD of COSMONOMY.

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