Friday, August 28, 2020


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The truth and nothing but the Truth, as distilled by a careful and thorough Study- Civilogia 

by ahgamen

1.    What is Information?
2.    What is Knowledge?
3.    What is Wisdom?
4.    It's important to compare and make relative - what's the difference in these ideas/definitions?

The structure of this Domain:: Civilogia and Keyboa and Enternetglobal and milkyymedia and macrocandy/microcandy..
Even though, in the past, when these entities were first launched, their use and status was different than what it should be.  that was beta phase, in the beginning, these creations are experimental (as was the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve).  The history will be reviewed as part of your further advanced studies in-which we civilogists will engage.
And that brings up civilogists and civilogians.  DO the civilogians have a closer affinity to the Keyboa tribal members?  More so than the civilogists?  I do not want there to be a division.  Let's keep it as an unimportant yet useful distinction as we progress along the Civilogia path of learning.

The answers and more discussion will be provided in upcoming TEDex style events and Interviews, as well as most importantly, workbooks and manuals/guides - like a guide to your humanity and soul. 

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