Friday, September 25, 2020

Current project is "TimeSpace Chronicles" movie


Hi everybody, in the fields of art, music, movies, technology, astrology, etc.  I've been working hard recently on the movie/multimedia experience called "TimeSpace Chronicles".  There will be a regular, linear movie version, which requires a lot of video and audio editing.  Because the project is an ongoing unfoldment, this is merely-the-first installment, i.e. this movie is the debut launch of the entire movie series. 

This debut is called by the subtitle "Gold Mine Gang".  It was already listed on IMDB several years ago.  And I think I released the concept in other blog posts prior to that.  It's actual inception goes all the way back to the winter of 2009-2010.  Footage was captured around that period and clips are going to used even-going-back to 2008.  So this particular project pulls from the past TEN and ELEVEN and TWELVE+ years.  It's kind of a long time, for some of you to wrap your head around.  It's long-term thinking and planning.

There are many difficulties and challenges and I could complain, but I shouldn't.  So I won't.  I'll just state the facts.  I'm working on older computers.  I'm working in a cleaned-up old garage, which is the first Milkyy Media Syndicate studio!  I'm working with video material which is from diverse sorts of sizes, from many different cameras.  I am currently only using a free linux-based editing program, Flowblade.  I just taught myself how to use it in the past month.  There are two other programs i want to use, but there are technical problems and one of them has expired and demands a renewal fee. 

I also have been having some biological demands, wherein I have to tend to those issues and turn-away from the machines.  There is no way to do both.  So I am going to need strong, capable editors to complete this project. 

It's already been described in other posts, but it's the fundamental idea behind the story - "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a chronological, historical timeline system.  The Timeline is LAW.  It is mandatory and inalienable to the whole project.  It's about Time and it's also about Space.  The actual locations where the story takes place, are real and LAW. 

The flow of TimeSpace is obviously continuous.  I had to do a lot of figuring out how to measure it and divide it.  That was all in the preliminary work. I devised the master method for administering the structure and I selected the sector which is named "Wave F".  As the series is produced and released successively, it will go from the first debut one, Wave F, and go to the next, which would probably be one of the adjacent waves, Wave 5 or Wave 6.  

"Wave F" has a more interesting popular name, which is "Gold Mine Gang", which predates the "TimeSpace Wave system".  That was discovered and invented after the "Gold Mine Gang" was experienced. 

Here are some of the experimental video clips, to get an initial impression of the post-production work.  These are rather rough examples, at this stage of the game. 

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