Monday, September 28, 2020

Do you think you are one Individual?

 The ahgameN keyboA_ philosophy

ahgameN philosophical musings for the purpose and plan of human life

    I have discovered through ongoing musings upon my experiences that perhaps most human beings are unaware or unwilling to admit that each of us are “not one”.  Each of us have not just “one life that we live”, not only one life going on, for there are “lives within life”.  I have analyzed ideas, concepts, phenomena, noumena, and reality itself in order to discover the Truth of the matter.  Human life is not merely a singularity, not a pure denotation of individuality.  We are maintaining a large assumption in the oneness of existence, yet we assume too much!

    Let me explain, what is being questioned and thoroughly examined is the presumed notion that each of us is one individual and in that so-called individuality, there is a oneness, at best, we have understood it as a unified process, or shall I describe is as process of unifying?   … human existence exists at the meeting point of multiple dimensions.  This brings up a necessary analysis of the concept of dimensions, if that is indeed the term we should use.  If not, we must replace it with a more appropriate classification.

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