Sunday, October 4, 2020

FAQ here's where we get cryptic

F A Q 

Who is ahgamen?  IS it a person?  Is it a group?  What is it?  What does it mean?

Do you really think I know?  Or want anybody to know on the internets?  Through the internets?  Like finding out by using the internet, to know what is Ahgamen?

No.  It will never happen.  That would be the wrong approach to your understanding of Ahgamen.  If you used the internet, you know nothing at all... at least we are sure of that.  You now know that you can really never know about Ahgamen from the internet and the internet alone.

Let's collate this into an axiom:  Nobody can ever know about Ahgamen, the truth of Ahgamenh by using only the internet, never can happen; it is impossible.

However, read between the lines.  This can mean that the keys to understanding are not here.  There is maybe one first KEY you can get.  The KEY is this one mentioned (see the axiom above).  You can get that one key which is introductory and fundamental as well as elementary.  After which, you must work harder and work IN reality (not the internet), to get to know about Ahgamen.

What are these ways?  Ohh there's telepathy, there's dreams, there's psychic revelation, there's meetings, there's actual communications, there's videos and the proper interpretation of the real bonafide videos.. but that's tricky it's also on the internet.

Upon knowing some of the actual, true knowledge of Ahgamen through the other (non-internet) means, then you can take that and properly explore the internet version.  Yes, the internet-version, which is some sort of adaptation, some encrypted, the incomplete and depleted material.  It could be matched-up, let's say.  It's like turning the water into wine, or some metaphysical transmutation.

You see the internet is merely a shadow and an echo of the real, actual Ahgamen.  It can only verify the true Ahgamen.  But that is after the fact. 

Don't fall on a cactus in the process of exploring the Ahgamen.

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