Friday, October 30, 2020

My friend writes on Tasciotti.medium
Glenn Greenwald exits Intercept I've been hearing about the recent debacle and internet divorce of Greenwald from an organization he helped create. Disclaimer: only been to the Intercept site a few times, amongst the thousands of other sites I peruse, not being a loyalist or a person prone to repetitive behaviour, like I used to be for a couple months on the old, original Drudge report (don't ever go there now, stop that).
Glenn Greenwald is a real investigative journalist, who I've gained respect for, or vice versa, he's gained some respect from me; which is saying something, because I don't hand out respect easily, as if it's Halloween candy in the 1970's (recall those favorite houses which gave out multiple pieces of candy? Score! However, I later realized candy is horribly unhealthy, with bad white-processed-refined sugar). 
Greenwald has gained my respect because he shows integrity, meaning that he gathers facts and seeks truth to some extent, in order to report upon his stories. Without that, truth cannot be discovered. In today's America, we find the majority of the news being peddled, is a stinking pile of lies. I think that Glenn Greenwald is an exception to the rule, he is putting forth fact-based news and this leads to the truth, a true and honest grasp of reality. Respect.  For those who do not do any of this, for those who peddle lies to earn their foul earnings of beaucoup money, you don't gain my respect. In fact, you get ignored. Just as I won't bother to waste time writing about Biden (or Trump).
Specifically, what does this conflict and division mean - the divide between Greenwald and his former employer, The Intercept? I can't take a solid side on this, because I do not know much about The Intercept. I am not sure what else they're going to be broadcasting, what other writers they promote, etc. That remains to be discerned, when I have the time. So far, it seems that this kind of division and parting of ways will keep increasing as a trend of dueling ideologies, on the front of journalism and the larger Society. 
In America and the world-at-large, is there a war between exactly two opposing sides of ideology? No, but it may boil down to that in the near future. At this juncture, it is still unclear what their differences are. It still remains to be seen what will coalesce, because the two vague sides seem to be merely factions of one monstrosity. As factions, they seem to have more in common, than they do as opposites. I could be wrong, prove me wrong; if you do, I may join one side or the other.
The story here amounts to censorship, meanwhile partisan conflict is involved. The censorship aspect of it, obviously points to the 1st amendment and "free speech". Yes, this civil right is important, a nation must defend and minimally regulate free speech. So why on earth, would there beforces which stand against the free expression of ideas and opinions? Hiding something, anybody?
If there is something you are trying to hide, perpetuating dishonesty and protection for evil deeds, then trust me, it will come crashing down soon enough. What is hidden in the shadows will be exposed in the light, the truth will be revealed. Punishment will become the rule of the Day. Make your bed and sleep in it! Too bad it's a bed in Hell.

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