Monday, November 2, 2020

Fun Predictions

This is not based upon psychic or paranormal abilities. I derived this scenario from lots of reasearch and some astrological basis (general planetary transists currently). There seems to be a big question coming up in the next day or so. What will be the effect of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election? For the mainstream media this is everything! If you listened to them in 2016, and you were a betting person, you'd have lost a pile of money waged.

From what i have been able to gather from "intelligence" sources, here is the predicted outcome. After the usual Election Day, both of the major sides will declare victory or at least that the other side cheated. Alternative parties, such as Libertarian, will garner popular votes but will be relatively ignored by media. The talk will be about the unclear and volatile sitation between the Republicans and Democratics.

There will be clashes in the streets, a release of rage. On the international scene it will cause unrest and instability. Some countries may maliciously try to take advantage of the confision, countries may invade their neighbors. One possibility is action in China and the South China Sea.

Going into the Winter, America will be destabilized and sorting out the disagreement in Court, all the way to the highest court in the land. Meanwhile, clashing factions will duke it out in major cities, such as new York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seatlle, Portland, Atlanta, and many other locations. Ultimately, it is predicted that Trump will be declared the winner and take his re-election, in time for second Inauguration. Biden may finally concede, but it is no doubt that many heads will roll, on both sides of the aisle.

Throughout all of this, the smokescreen and fog of war will be generated from the pandemic emergency being declared again. This is both real and fabricated, in other words, there is sickness but the data is being misused. This is another aspect of the clash between the two parties and a part of the globalist agenda.

The upcoming Solar eclipse in December will be particularly telling. It is an auspicious spiritual event, which according to Chron-Cosmonics, portends of a reflection of last December. This is not usually an annual event, but in this case, it is. These consecutive periods, 2019 and 2020 will be eerily similar, with 2020 being in some ways a reflection but also a Reversal of 2019. Remember what you were doing last year and compare it to what is about to happen in your own life. 


The Firewood Producers from Ahgamen Keyboa on Vimeo.


This prediction has been documented by email delivery, provable timestamp and by archiving with neutral party. 

2020 November 5, Thurs. 10 PM Update:  new information has been revealed publicly from another source, stating clearly that there was a "sting operation" being conducted covertly, without the Democratic party being aware.  Arrests and charges are being lodged against those who did Election/vote fraud.

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