Sunday, November 22, 2020

Today what is an Ahgamen? It's THE Ahgamen.

What is, Who is Ahgamen? 

Not to digress, forget about lizard talk (cf. note below)
Ahgamen Keyboa silhouette 2020, wearing Greek fishermans hat
Ahgamen Keyboa, not currently in 2020, this is a photo image circa 2010

  Today is a grand day for Ahgamen.  Because every moment is precious, life is not to be taken for granted, give thanks for each and every day.  Currently, this is the info which is pertinent.  Ahgamen is primarily on the spiritual level.  Spirituality is that form of religious experience that is personal and higher awareness, it is direct and new and realized, as opposed to traditional and accepted after the fact, it is experimental, it is urgent and real.  As in the meaning of purpose of Ahgamen. 
  Because of being positioned in the spiritual level of awareness, Ahgamen should not be involved in the political and mundane, the purely physical level.  Ahgamen if anything, must be taken as supra-political.  If he is found in the political arena, it is a faux pas, to be lowered to that.  Politics are when humans are dealing with each other at the lowest common denominator.  However, it is needed for relativity sake; without it how could we have the other level of the spiritual?  Anyhow...
  Absolute time and absolute space is what Ahgamen advocates, a wise approach towards the universe.  Absolute, real motion, from which derives all relative motion, in relative time and relative space.  We cannot explore this further here, but in a dedicated volume later. 
  Returning to the moment and the center, of our thinking, we need a focus and Ahgamen focus is on the pressing need for belief, the power of a true and universal belief system.  Which I think we do not acknowledge and become aware of, as of yet.  However, this is in process and upcoming writings and videos will explain.
  As an example, to put this to the test, why was there a recent post on here, in the subject of American election predictions??  That was a mistake, a partial mistake, not a huge grievous error.  Maybe that Presidential declaration should have been made under the rubric of Tasciotti, Peter, author of The Life and Times of Franlin Delano Roosevelt.  In any case, nothing is perfectly organized, we have this blurring in this day and age, which is to be expected, par for the course (a saying borrowed from that Thom as Alt house).

The Ahgamen, THE.  That's the only way to specify.

NOTE: not to be confused with THE Ahgamen, agamen is a species of lizard, popular as a house pet in Germany and other countries.  Lizard?  Agamen shortened from the Latin.

Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Iguania
Family: Agamidae
Subfamily: Agaminae
Genus: Agama

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