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Ode to Blavatsky, author of Ancient Wisdom studies

Helena Blavatsky

Why an article about Blavatsky and her knowledge?  It is not new material.  She founded a group, the Theosophical society, which is not very active.  How relevant is Blavatsky and her work for today?

   Helena P. Blavatsky was an author, "spiritualist", "occultist" who produced a voluminous body of work about Ancient Wisdom.  This Ancient Wisdom was often taken from obscure, occult sources.  One of the books/series was The Secret Doctrine, in which she claims to reveal the ancient origin of all major religions.  Blavatsky's "secret doctrine" is the ancient document/artifact which was created in prehistoric day, aeons ago.  Whether or not that's true, it boils down to circumstantial evidence.  You can decide based upon context and logical deduction.  

   In the current major religions, there are clues, "fill in the blanks" type of knowledge, i.e. where did it come from, what was before all of it?  E.G. the Holy Bible of the Christians, which obviously starts with the Torah of the Israelites, contains the book of Genesis.  Most of us are aware of Genesis and it being one of the oldest, popular books of humanity.  However, it seems incomplete or summarized and leads one to seek the original, full version of the knowledge. In the works of Blavatsky, including Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled, and other books, there is a study and teaching about what the Wise people of the ancient times actually knew.  Her basis of belief, although she was not promulgating any which one of the major religions, has a lot to do with the higher side of Buddhism.  Maybe having little to do with the most recent "Shakyamuni" Buddha, it is called "Esoteric Buddhism".

   Blavatsky's teachings are a fascinating body of knowledge, with many interesting facts and theories.  Theosophy is a group formed around her work with other spiritual teachers.  Basically there were many groups and offshoots to the teachings, but they are not unified in purpose.  Some of those intentions are questionable, that has nothing to do with Ancient Wisdom and has more to do with post-modern agendas.  It is important to be aware of that and to discern the difference, upon careful study.

   Helena Blavatsky's mission statement includes the determination to establish a universal brotherhood of all beings (according to the review by Sylvia Cranston).  All beings?  Does that include even the fallen angels, the demons, devils, evil creatures?  It makes us wonder.  Even King Solomon consorted with demons to some extent; only if he was able to totally control them and harness their abilities for the purposes of good.  So, maybe all of the beings who live in the universe should be brought to the table.  It all depends.  

   If that "brotherhood" was one of Blavatsky's major goals, we are starting to analyze it from a very generalized point.  We must get specific and learn much more about her plan.  Those such as Alice Bailey, who took up the helm or at least the banner of Theosophy, were also pushing for a universal brotherhood and the specifics are also there to be found.  We are unsure as to why they were trending in the direction they took things. Perhaps to simulate or force an occurrence from the spirit world?

   Eventually, we will get into the details of their promotion of a great leader/teacher to administer the world's new brotherhood.  This Mahatma or Messiah, under the direction of "ascended masters" was to lead the world from our chaotic, darkened, ignorant age into an age of enlightenment.  1906, they selected a boy, Krishnamurti, and as his "handlers", placed him on the pedestal for all the world to see (or at least those in the public who were interested in being supportive of a leader to safely get us out of this purported fallen age).  During that juncture, of the Industrialization, spiritual citizens (the first New Agers) watched in amazement as Krishnamurti showed signs of being this predicted great one!  Yet as he grew to maturity, he instead disavowed the movement and refused to be their leader.  1929, Krishnamurti quit. 

   This crucial episode of Krishnamurti vs. Theosophy most likely has nothing directly to do with Blavatsky.  The failure of their Mahatma movement was due to the lack of the later Theosophists and the imbalances between such figures as: Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, and later on the Space brothers Benjamin Creme, etc. 

   Where does it bring us to currently?  Are the spiritual leaders of the world, still working towards such lofty goals?  As stated in the title, the original groups inspired by Blavatsky have all but faded away.  Who is carrying the torch?  Are the major religions waking up on their own?  

   And what would Christianity say about a mystical organization raising up a Mahatma, who would essentially be the Second Coming of Christ?  What did the Christians say?  And what do Christians say today to such machinations?  We must check ourselves, by going all the way back to the source of the Gospel days.  Where did Jesus Christ come from?  This mystic being, Yashua of Palestinia, under Roman Imperial rule, was promoted by some spiritual-oriented groups of his own time.  Ponder on the Essenes group, the John the Baptist group, and other such movements of Yashua's day.

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