Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Astrology talk: Transits now

Astrological transits. Very important to the capable astrologer. The transits right now... Moon 🌙 is waning. I've been watching it rise in the predawn hours, crescent just over our biggest trees on the bluff.  The new moon will be the two luminaries joining in zodiacal Cancer ♋

The significant unique thing about the positions of the planets is a major aspect pattern. This pattern is a T-square type.  It involves the opposition of Saturn vs. Mars and venus, while that opposition is being bisected by Uranus squaring those three. It's one helluva matchup!  It's energized and intense. This is a powerful influence on our world. It's causing so many things at the present time. Conflicts!!!

Remember this is immediately after two very important eclipses.  The period we are living through right now is Biblical proportions. I mean that the situation we are in will be historically major. What's going on presently is a huge new beginning. 

This month has been the germination of new seeds of our spiritual life. The start of a new long cycle, totally new but mixed in with the endings of the past four years, dating back to 2017 Summer. 

I told you here first, this great new science for humanity. In the Aquarian Age and more... For the Keyboa Civilization!  Let's get interested in Chronocosmonomy! 

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