Thursday, October 17, 2019

Keyboa on Time, clocks, watches, calendars

Keyboa clocks by Ahgamen

A different type of clock to be manufactured from this Keyboa invention:  a clock which is mechanical, it cannot be digital.  It is based upon a 24 hour division of the circle.  It is therefore a half-speed adaptation of prevalent clocks, postmodern, common.  The different clock has the high noon sun at the 1oclock alignment.  and the opposite, which is akin to midnight, is 12oclock, on the other side of the clock circle.  Then the hand comes around to 24 oclock before returning to the 1 oclock starting position.
The  minutes hand is divided into 60 for every hour.  the seconds is divided into 60 for every minute.  Even though there is no AM or PM, there is the same 24 hour-division of time in the day, as well as 60 x 60 subdivisions.  Thus there is no major difference in this clock.  Reckon with the subtle change and that leads to a more major paradigm shift in the proper usage of the clock. 
    What would be the major difference?  That does require to integrate a calendar with the clock.  Some of the more complex clock watches/time-pieces are the daily time along-with the calendar time.  The two level clock would be the 24 hour division of the circle along-with a day counter, up to 365/366 days.  This would give us the capability of having a Keyboa Day-Count synchronized with a Keyboa hour count in our new and different clock. 
    I, Ahgamen Keyboa, look forward to when this accomplishment will give us the proper mindset for our new civilization!
    So far, I have searched on the internet-webs and found a few 24 hour clocks or wrist watches.  Then I searched Ebay and found one seller, svalbard sp?  And another company, no-watch.  These would be sufficient to get started. 
    Although, keep in mind that the difference in these watches, do not include all the features/adjustments which we are needing.  E.G. they set the first hour as midnight, which is opposite of when it should be.  They also set the calendars in the same exact way as the old world, which is useless to us.   The great news is that these mechanical devices are geared and designed for 24 hour motion and not 12 hour motion.  So they are moving the hour hand at half-speed.  That is the main function of the mechanical device which we are requiring at the core of the day clock.  Then we will build upon that gear, for the 365/366 Day-counter, as well as the Year-counter - 00053 and so on. 

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