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VOLUME  : CIRCA 2014March8 UNTIL 2015November1

Compiled and authored by
ahgameN kyyboA

    This book follows along according to the spirit and purposes of the Instituto Civilogia book series of the "Raw Compilations".  This Volume is including a chronological sequence of documentation and memorabilia, according to a select duration of time to document.  The dates of beginning and ending the duration are being set by using the current knowledge of the Cosmic Universal Time-Wave-Cycles, as per COSMONOMY. 
    The ending date was chosen first by an actual-life experience of a Major action - a location change and my implementation of a radical decision for freedom and liberty.  This event also caused a lengthy hold onto the usage of an important technological resource.  This was in the form of my favorite computer becoming one of many items deposited into my storage at Mexico, Sonora.  This relegation of the computer into the status of being on-hold and in-storage continued from the time of its transport unto the storage location until the transport unto the present location in La'Apple [which is now being utilized for the creation of this writing and the DocumentaryVOLUME].  The dates of the computer being on hold/unused are approximately 2015November1 until 2019December10.  Several days later is when I started the compilation and writing of this volume in earnest, on today 2019 December15Sunday <presently the date of the secular-fiscal calendar of the modern civilization>
    Therefore, the duration of the Volume's chronology was set at ending date of 2015November1.  The beginning date was then calculated according to studying the Time Wave Cycles for the most-recent corresponding/aligned date, which brings us to the date of approximately 2014March8.  From this beginning date to the ending date, it covers a symmetrical portion of the previous Time-Wave, immediately prior to the current Time-Wave we are living now.  This Volume I'm focused upon herein is my recent history and as a result, the memories should be sharper and more easy to recollect than any of those of the distant past.  Let's get this accomplished! 

<2014April10>FILE DOCUMENT: fdr-elanor
anna Ela-nor roosevelt
possibility who:  Juleyah
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<2014May8>FILE DOCUMENT: fdr-Q-david
David (Dodge), I'm writing because maybe it will be another way or easier way to communicate.  Also I have certain objectives of determining history and it is all going on paper.  Our conversation is better on paper.  So we shall find out.   My primary questions stem from the revolutionary inquisitive mind that seems to give me no rest.  I have to question everything I do, because out in the world, it is questionable what kind of a game is being played.  The game of the money and the thrones and the fictional entities, you know what i am referring to.  Corporations, names and titles of nobility.  If you can't beat them join them, maybe I would assume.
Who decides on the system? Does it change? and how much?  Is that improvement or change for the worse? lol
So you are a humble baker and I am a nobody.  Never did anything with my life, because I don't want any nonsensical trouble.  I have to know exactly what i am getting into.  but then there is the problem of wanting to have some fun and play a good game.  i think some would not expect anything to happen this way.  Let's say an upstart could upset the apple cart, that would be tremendous.  I would enjoy that too much.
One way I can get it going is to be respected or at least, stirring interest in these historical inquiries.  What is written needs to be sharp and to the point.  Who has authority?  Who controls the money?  How should it be regulated?  Is there going to be a war if anybody figures this out?  And they tell everybody? Who owns the land? 
I am not setting any slaves free.  I am more concerned about myself as the Macchiavellian Prince would do.  That should be understood by those in power.
The way I am examining Roosevelt is multifold, but from a blatant perspective of power, control, effect, and how more or less sloppy it was.  I have found evidence of sloppiness and lack of a complete plan.  Some factions were not getting along.  yet is this part of the design?  You have got to be kidding.
These minions just do not knwo what they are doing.  It is so true that those who are unable to do anything for themselves must become dependent upon the state and dwell all their lives on the government payroll.  The unemployable are mandated to their employment.
I work for no one and maybe not even for myself.  I ask questions.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was from a rich background, inheriting every penny.  Alright that makes him the 1%, so it is the top of the envisioned pyramid.  Do we have to have somebody like that getting into power?  Could it not be someone else who is one of the poor?  Or was it his intelligence which put him into the office?  Organizing those around him.  With genius?  He may have been mediocre at Groton Massachussetts prep. school.  headmaster Peabody told him to do civil service. He did not excel at grades.  At Harvard he did not excel, but he was slightly an outcast, not sure why.  He did edit their paper the Crimson.  His B.A. is in history.  interesting.  What does Harvard teach of history?  Do you know what was the curriculum and what was its main focus?  Does it matter what he studied at Harvard?  Does it affect what his adminstration does later?  I want to know what he read there and his opinion on it.
After which he goes to Colombia to get a law degree.  But he does not finish it.. along the way he gets accepted to the BAR by passing the exam.  What was the extent of the exam in those years, i wonder.  Would it have any relevance?  Is there any way to cheat?  Is there a copy of his test? 
Then he goes to a law firm.  They are dealing with some anti-trust cases.  I think Morgan is involved.  is that J.P. Morgan?  he dabbles in this for a year or two but it is entry level, intern, no pay supposedly.  Then he enters politics. Does that makes sense?
He campaigns the MidHudson valley to get into Albany.  In addition he mingles in the Democratic party of the area.  Apparently not sidling up to the Tamany hall machine.  He gets to be a NY Senator and leads an "Insurgency". 
Before long, he connects with Woodrow Wilson in NJ as governor.  They plot out a Presidential run.  When he gets in, Roosevelt is granted Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  just up his alley, because of all the patrician sailing he did with his father and family.  Also the Delanos were experienced on the high seas, with all their fortune making on opium in Hong Kong China. His father had railroads and canals. Culminating in the early plan to traverse Central America with a canal, across Nicaragua, before Teddy Roosevelt's plan to cross Panama. 
Then we have the Great War syndrome happening to the world. which leads to be a repetition about 20 years later.  He is integral to all of this.  Aside from his personal crippling challenge, which was a tragedy, but I'm sure it was used as a beneficial distraction.  It seems that way.
In the later phase of the all-out hot war, he suddenly dies and is buried within 3 days. Kind of quick.  Closed casket.  No autopsy in state of Georgia.  What overrules the laws of the state?  The secret service just whisks away the body.  Harry truman gets signed in immediately, as if in shock.  but smiling the next day, there has to be a good face and victory to the war.
The cold war and all that transpired since then, really have some suspicious feeling to it.  The atomic bomb and all those weapons of mass distruction start to get produced immediately after Roosevcelt died. but he signed the project with approval, after the fabled influence of Einstein. saying OMG if the Nazis make one of these first! The British were working from the heavy water angle, with project MAUD?  It got subsumed into the manhattan, under Groves.  He is a troubling character. And somewhat of a dissention with the scientists.
It all blurs into the current affair of today, as far as I am concerned. Oh forgot the money thing.. that was the best Weapon yet.
What did you say about Bretton Woods, the creation of the World bank, IMF, etc. No gold standard, no silver, just the fiat dollar, something which is more formally understood as a Federal reserve note?  So a monopoly on the creation of the currency, which is borrowed into use on loan?  What is the precedent for this?  Who worked out the details of this little scheme?  What do the Rothschild's have to do with it?  And the British crown, the market in London, the insurance?  The Papacy, vatican wealth and riches?  You say the crusades was for opium trade?
It is said Wilson later disagreed with the Federal reserve. Is this the Creature from Jekyl Island for real?   And how long can it go on like this?  Could Roosevelt have done better?  is he evil?  Is it true what Huey Long and father Coughlin said about him, a liar, Double-crosser.  after this believeable Inauguration speech, that we would drive the money-changers out of the temple! They switched camp on him in 1935?  and Long was assassinated.
Interesting about all these hit-jobs.  And there is talk all througout of anarchists or communists doing the dirty work. Maybe just being patsies?  Anarchy is blamed for President Garfield getting shot. President McKinley shot. You told me the story about Wilson getting a stroke, by falling.  Who pushed him?  His own clumsiness?  maybe he got pushed down the stairs. Harding poisoned? FDR poisoned? 
Stalin kept saying so.  but believe him?  After the Yalta Conference. One of FDR's key aides died at sea on the way back. FDR was sick afterwards, maybe a little weak on the way there already?  Stalin said Churchill did it.  But Stalin hosted everybody in the Crimea, to carve up Europe. and they created the United Nations together.
I have more questions, but will stop short here.  if you can entertain this, please respond at your leisure.
P.S. I am still up to my ears in regional-based corruption out here. Can not find an edge into this state.  I go to discuss with the local Judge here, whom I am friendly with.  I am talking about State Capitol strangeness.  It never ends. And to think I fantasized about working up to governor. Why bother with all the nonsense going on?  No wonder I wandered off to Mexico for so long.  Oh it's just bullshit also, south of the border.  You can imagine I had some fun adventures.  Ella and the kids were enjoying it safely.  I even speak some Espanol so i can slide out of situations. Anyhow.  The book on FDR is all I ever do every day now. Please help if you can.  As you know, i welcome any input, whatever you want to add about the matters.  i think you know some things about this Era and the system they established.

<2014May16>FILE DOCUMENT: fdrstory
        This book is about the individual, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the world in which he lived.  It is about the legendary era, his times, and the times prior, what his heritage was, the ancestors who founded the nation.  It is as much a study of one notable human being, as it is a study of those around him: his wife Eleanor, their children, his mother Sara Delano Roosevelt, his father James Roosevelt, and his cousin Theodore Roosevelt, and the extended aristocratic family, as well as friends, neighbors, associates, and political allies or rivals.  It is as much a study of his home Hyde Park, New York, as it is a study of the United States of America, during its rise to superpower status.  It is about the future which followed, after they made plans and lived their lives, leaving the inheritance to the next generation.  It is a book which seeks the psychological understanding of what makes him tick, what drives him?  It is an exploration of the significance of one man in the midst of a global struggle.
What did this famous political figure make of himself overall?  What does he symbolize, what was he against?  How good was FDR; how bad was he?  It is an investigation which seeks evidence in forgotten and unknown recesses of information.  It is the analysis of the collective consciousness of humanity, as it plunged into the industrial machine age and entered a strange, fantastic realm of scientific technology.  The book intends to answer some important issues about world history during the juncture of the 1880's up until World War 2 transitioned into the Cold War of the 1950's and foreshadowing the era beyond.  The ideas are expressed in terms of a global crisis, with nuclear holocaust looming and diverse manners of chaos and confusion plaguing the population of the planet.  How much of the crisis can be pinned on the influence of President Roosevelt and others with whom he colluded, from the Manhattan Project to the Federal Reserve/Bretton Woods financial system and the World Bank, United Nations, Free World Democracy that is integral in the entire structure?
This true story is written and released in 2014, 69 years after the subject's death, 132 years after his birth.  Would FDR recognize the world we live in today, as the one for which he had planned, when he held the office of Presidency?  Would he think that he had accomplished any lasting works of peace, freedom, and harmony?  What would he do to confront the situation, if he were alive in the presentday?  This book strives to comprehend all of it, from a philosophical open-minded method, not limited to political science, yet keeping it at the core of the research.  This book is shedding light on the  Roosevelt legacy and facts, as they have never been faced before.  It is a fascinating and complex subject reviewed in a new, innovative way.  The reader is asked to take a spiritual approach to this material and use this knowledge to be part of the making of a better world today.  The concept is that the planet was not the same after this event, it was changed radically and with awareness of this history, we should be able to act on it.

The author:  Peter Appleseed (a nom de plume) is virtually anonymous and generic.  He had a basic American upbringing.  Learned to read and write in public school.  Drifted off to ignominy, like some noble nomad.  Had become a lover of nature and fell in love.  Produced many wonderful children.  While being detached from the system.  Took a vow of poverty for many decades.  Owes no debt.  Lives nowhere.  Graduated from nowhere.  Nobody you need to be concerned with at the first reading.  There is a sequel in the works, part 2 should be available by 2015.  Trust that you will understand later.

Preliminary, initiatory notes:

Much of this I did not know or could not recall, in any detail or exactitude.  The book is a product of much research and contemplation.  I try my best to represent the fuller truth of the matters denoted.  I also do go beyond into uncharacteristic poetic license, by trying a metaphysical bent on the endeavor.  Is this a historical biography in the strictest sense?  Is the definition being stretched?  Or can this be acceptable as a good bio, simultaneously with a spiritual contemplation?
How do we know any of it is factual and that it is true?  That is a good question, very good, dear reader.  Everything that is described herein, originated from material from multiple sources, absorbed and regurgitated.  When reviewing and comparing this material, some contradictions were encountered.  In the opinionated and interpretive dimension, this is what one would expect.  Yet as it blurs into the clear-cut factual basis of reality, occasionally the contradictory can cause disturbance.  Inasmuch as this would create a debate for verification, I have stated it as such.  In the opposite situation, if at least 3 sources have corroborated something, then I plainly state it.  If less than 2 sources and in rare cases, only one source has stated an idea, notion, or specific factual event, then I cite the source (go doubt and inquire there).  This is the process of how the book was logically pieced together.  That is why it can be classified as a non-fictional biography; being based upon the vast store of non-fiction knowledge amassing posthumously for more than three score years.
The more intriguing level of this writing, is not latent in the dead past factoids, it is emanating in all that is conjectured and mystically philosophized.  You may or may not identify all those passages and presumably read-between-the-lines content.  If you do so, then more power to you.  If not, then it may very well be the sentences of which are difficult to make sense.  Reread those blind spot areas and ask around, openly discuss.  Analyze and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit, if all else fails.  Do not blaspheme or dishonour the Holy Spirit Ghost though.  It is Most High and will help you, trust me to trust in it.  Or else, you are on your own!  
Writing this book is like not being in the present moment.  It is like time travel, for real, in the mind, which is forever the strongest machine ever created.
If I finish this penance, then I shall be set free.
I should wonder if there is any importance unto dwelling on these things?  It is easy to accept the ignorance of history because it is dull and boring to some of the people, some of the time.  Their minds question the practical application of this information emanating from old forgotten days.  Little do they know, the studious comprehension of the past shall be required for survival, in order to NOT repeat any of its fatal mistakes.

One of the first historians to chronicle the Roosevelt years, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., stated it very concisely in a 1998 essay for Time magazine: “Take a look at our present world. . . .  It is manifestly not Joseph Stalin's world.  That ghastly world self-destructed before our eyes.  Nor is it Winston Churchill's world.  Empire and its glories have long since vanished into history.  The world we live in today is Franklin Roosevelt's world.”  Schlesinger’s erudite attitude is opinionated, yet it presents a compelling perspective.  All the world enjoys a good contest, a fiar fight between the giants of history.  It is written in view of the victors, for them, about them, and even by them.
Eight years later, Cynthia M. Koch gave a more well-rounded view of the intellectual contest, "As the nation celebrated the World War II generation's stamina, old animosities between the generations slipped away; at the same time, FDR too began to become more iconic than politically contested. Yet, the evolution of FDR's reputation did not come easily, nor is it necessarily complete.
"A few years ago, a movement to replace Roosevelt's image on the dime with that of Ronald Reagan seemed to be gathering popular support.  It took a public statement from Nancy Reagan to set that controversy to rest: "When our country chooses to honor a great President as Franklin Roosevelt by placing his likeness on our currency, it would be wrong to remove him and replace him with another."
"Closer to home we have seen a waning of political divisiveness. Lynn Bassanese, deputy director of the Roosevelt Library, recalls that it was not uncommon 25 years ago for family groups to arrive in Hyde Park together and then literally divide into two opposing political camps at the door to the library. Roosevelt admirers, she said, were drawn to the library so symbolic of all that they held dear about the man and the era, while other family members sat outside and refused to enter the building dedicated to the presidency of the man whose politics they still found deeply abhorrent."

Editor's preface

<2014May16>FILE DOCUMENT:fdr-bio
I think I will try to pen three or four books in a row before the main key is released. Book 1 FDR
coochise? a western
Book 2 the Jesus revisited, which coincides with the movie.
(simultaneously?) my bio, in Hyde Park
The key of course needs not be described.  It is a futuristic tale.
There are also various other works which can be finished afterwards.  the civilogy.. astro-sciences.. Science tv series sreenplay. the sci-fi Zargovlrumsh
the ongoing childrens animal series.

May 19, 2014, monday morning!
LOGARY NOTE (TRANSFER) I am so embroiled in this complex writing of academic proportions, that it made me muse about getting backt to the writing of childrens books, which I so wanted to accomplish.  and yet it seems
Making me do that is like, putting a full-scale battleship into the kitchen sink and making it wash the dishes.  It doesn't work that way!
A revelation hit me  that the best thing would be for the children to be featured as writing their own book!  My shouki toucki and chouki will be the authors and I will help by editing and will help by refining the illustration - they will do the drawing and coloring.  This is a brilliant project for them.


FDR bio from notes compiled from websites:

What are the main points I want to make regarding the life story?
What would Roosevelt do... ?

This is one of the major items which needs to be remedied in the flawed and unacceptable public historical record.  There is something strongly contradictory in an oft-repeated quote which the media and biographies perpetuate, considering that there is a sweeping denial of this quote from the eyewitness who supposedly recollected it.  This notorious tidbit is concerning the crucial moment of his April 12, 1pm collapse.  FDR is said to have uttered When she was working, he said "I have a terrific pain in the back of my head." prior to slumping forward and dying in the chair in which he was sitting.  We need to take the repeated quoting of this quote and trace backwards, all the way to the original source; i.e. what is the earliest instance of this quote being reported in the press, radio, or any media?  Before this investigative tracing is revealed, we must deliberately discern the logic and necessity of such critical thinking. states that (excerpt): At times his gaze got distracted, even a little vacant, and Shoumatoff tried to rally his attention with a surefire gambit: stamps. Had he seen the new India issue? "In a little while the eyes were placed and a familiar expression began to show. But it was not quite the look I was accustomed to during the past few days. The President seemed so absorbed, with the papers or something else, that when he would look up at my request, his gaze had a faraway aspect and was completely solemn." He brightened momentarily when Lucy or Margaret Suckley would say something from their perch on the couch, off to the side. Someone brought in a glass of green medicine. What on earth was that for, Shoumatoff asked. "To increase appetite," was Roosevelt's laconic reply. When the butler brought in a bowl of oatmeal a few minutes later, however, he waved it away. "We have fifteen minutes more to work," Roosevelt told her as a steward prepared the table for luncheon. Then the President passed his hand over his forehead. Shoumatoff consistently held ever afterwards that he never said anything about a headache or pain, or anything at all for that matter, after the "we have fifteen minutes more" comment. His head simply slumped forward listlessly. "Lucy, Lucy," Shoumatoff cried out, "something has happened!" She knocked her easel and tools over in a panicky rush to alert the Secret Service agent nearby. All was bedlam in an instant. A group of men now carried Roosevelt to the bedroom. "I could not see exactly who was carrying him but I will never forget that silhouette on the background of the open door to the sunny porch." Lucy suddenly said to her, "We must pack and go. The family is arriving by plane and the rooms must be vacant. We must get to Aiken before dark."
Shoumatoff, Lucy, Robbins (who had been in another room and did not know what had happened), and the Unfinished Portrait, were packed into a car and driving away in a matter of minutes. They had just been present at one of the momentous pivots in world history, one with which their names would be associated forever.  (end of excerpt)
10 Laura Delano frequently accompanied the president to Warm Springs. A cousin of Roosevelt’s, she was talkative and enjoyed gossip. Neither did “Polly,” as Laura Delano was known, dwell on politics. The president was completely at east with her. She telephoned Eleanor first of Roosevelt’s collapse.
11 Margaret Suckley was another distant cousin whose company Roosevelt enjoyed. “Daisy,” as she was nicknamed, had given the president his beloved Scottie, Fala. She was the only person to hear Roosevelt’s last words, ” I have a terrible headache.“Asbell, When F.D.R. Died, 38.

What and when is the original source?  Was it on April 12, 1945 or shortly thereafter? 


Walter Trohan wrote a memo on Jan. 30, 1948, as part of his ongoing research into the life and activities of FDR.  In this memo it states certain information which had come to light about who was there at his death and who was present and what was going on.  He seems to uncover in 1948, almost 3 years after the fact, that Lucy Mercer Rutherford was actually present at the Warm Springs Little White House, unbeknownst to the public and absent from the historical record.  Trohan states: the portait has been finished.  ...

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<2014May26>FILE DOCUMENT: fdr-bio-questions-forparents
Letter for my parents to be emailed.  Containing the questions pertaining to the family history.
Also the questions about the Roosevelt history, for my book which I am in the middle of writing, to be completed in May 2014
How did you come up with the name Peter Edward?  Did you consider using the name Frank?  What does the name Frank come from?  What does Philip come from?
Why did you decide to name your daughter Natalie Eleanor?  What is your explanation of the name, as her birthday is in October and Eleanor Roosevelt is also born on October 11.
Why did you decide to name your son Patrick Anthony?
Did you ever meet any Roosevelts?  Or did you ever see them, for example at a public event?  Did you meet any children or descendants of the Roosevelts or encounter them in work situations in the area?
How many times have you visited the Roosevelt estate?  How many times have you visited Valkill estate?
Have you ever brought any friends or relatives to Roosevelt's estate or Vallkill?  Who were they? and where did they travel from?
How many times have you been to the Vanderbilt estate?  Did you bring anyone there?
Do you know about the Delano's family?  Did you ever visit the Algonac estate near Newburg?
In politics, being a Democratic party member, what has been your experience regarding the Roosevelt history?  How does it affect doing politics or voting in Dutchess?
What was the stance of your parents in Poughkeepsie regarding Roosevelt era?  Did they vote for FDR? Did my grandmother vote?  How many times?  Did their friends and neighbors have the same opinions?  Was there a lot of support in the neighborhood?
What did my grandfather's political campaign consist of?  When did it take place?
What was it like living on the Hudson River Psychiatric property? How did you get a lease there?  Who else lived in that building?
Did you hear about this: "Former Hudson River Psychiatric Center site to be sold". Poughkeepsie Journal. November 7, 2013.  Who bought the property?
Where did babysitter Mrs. Rose live?
Where did Abigail live?
Did you have anything to do with Eleanor Roosevelt's campaigns and U.N. work?  Did you support Adlai Stevenson II?
Did you find that Eleanor was supporting JFK?
What was the attitude of other Filipinos about Roosevelt?  What is their awareness of the history?

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Interests    screenplays,scapegoats,reunions,the 80s,Spackenkill,1985
Favorite Movies    The Lord of the Rings,War of the Worlds,(was not that good but I like it for other reasons)
Favorite Music    Rebels movie 2006,Rush,Tears for Fears,The Pretenders,Sade
Favorite Books    Holy Bible,Torah



<2014Jun22>FILE DOCUMENT: project1
                        Peace Group
Truth or Consequences, NM

June 22, 2014

To whom it may concern:
[legal owner of title to real property of record]

We are interested in the vacant land which is situated on or around the Rocky Mountain Road in the remote catskill mountains.  The 1950's facility is beyond repair and the area is not marketable, but we are only interested in the location for non-commercial purposes.  Would you consider opening a discussion for the possible transfer of ownership from edloydeen corp. to ours?  You may be able to benefit from the exchange.  Is there an email address to use for communication of this idea?  All correspondence is to be kept in confidence, as we would suggest a non-disclosure agreement.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
May we find amicable and easy terms for our mutual solution.


Lewis Acker,
Representative for Peace Production 501c3 non-profit NGO

To whom it may concern:
We are interested in the vacant land which is situated off of Rock Mountain Road in the catskill mountains.  Would you consider opening a discussion for the possible transfer of ownership from edl corp. to ours?  You may be able to benefit from the exchange.  Is there an email address to use for communication?
Thank you for your time and consideration.


To whom it may concern:
(Legal owner of the title for property in rural New York)
Greetings, how are you?  I am interested in the vacant land which is situated off of Rock Mountain Road in the catskill mountains.  Would you consider transferring the ownership?  I am also informed of the abandonment of the adjacent property of a former, delapidated resort which is making your parcel, landlocked.  It seems that the former owners of the resort have been deceased for some time.   This is unfortunate that the other property is abandoned, but I have consulted with the New York government about resolving some issues of accessing lands which are off the road, such as your own.  The value of your real property is tax assessed at $500.  I am obliged to offer to you, this same fair amount of Five Hundred U.S. Dollars for the property "as is" (which is without water, sewer, electric, road or bridge or access, nor any improvements). 
If you are inclined to agree on the exchange, and decide upon a quick deed transfer, please let me know and it can proceed at the soonest convenience.  Full payment can be made immediately or with installments, depending on your financial preferrence.  The purchase money can be sent to you via electronic direct deposit to your bank account, or paypal, or by check in the mail.  I will make all the arrangements for the legal process and the fees in New York state, so that you will not have to pay anything.  If you would like more information, kindly request in correspondence.  The next step would be for me to send you a real estate agreement, which you could simply sign and fax back to me.  Please reply if you agree.
Thank you.

[removed:] I have worked with property specialists and learned that it will require between $5,000-8,000 to get the electric and utilities to the site, to construct a new bridge replacing the damaged old bridge washed away by floods, and an additional 40,000 for a minimal dwelling unit.  Therefore, I have my own plan to save and spend this over several years, to work to make the land useable.


"Nutrition, cleansing, fasting, natural" intensive
A relaxing vacation retreat for visiting Israelis and friends. 
We cater to fostering a nice international connections amongst fellow human beings. 
We are carried into the serene depth of the American wild for an immersion in pure, raw Nature.  This is for those who need a vacation from the stressful schedule of work and regular life.  This is for those who seek a closer connection to the inner self, by separating from all the other distractions.  This is for those who want a unique experience in a new place, remote from cities and politics and other complications.  This is for those who will make wise use of their free time for special experiences.  This is for those who will create a fond memory of a good time.  This is for those who are taking some necessary time for rest and relaxation.  This is for those who are ready to be guided into a deeper grounding of life force and rejuvenation of energy.


<2014July5>FILE DOCUMENT: travel-2014
civilogy 2012+  Compilation of correspondence/communications for Travel/trip to Israel departing 2014July
6-29 scorponoc333 Re:Truth MiddleEast Money Greed....
u r c0rrect there are many imp0rtant c0ncepts I can 0nly allude t and n0t fully discuss. utub and vid is n0t the place f0r anything but what there is, n0 m0re. it is f0r the trap yes, the market, the c0ntr0l by them, it, whatefer.
yu n0tice, that is significant.
i may turn c0mpletely away f0r a time. it d0es n0t b0ther the system. but they have n0 idea, if I d0, if we d0, they will cease t hav p0wer and st0p existing.
i will pl0t until then, it will all lead t a center and a starting p0int, a spark.
but fire t00 much has n0t been g00d, the pr0phecy says the w0rld, their w0rld will be allwed destructi0n by fire. and they r burning themselves.
be aware.
i turn back and f0rth and get happy, angry, rage, sad, give up, ALL AL0NG i calcuate what i m d0ing. i kn0w h0w t d0 it my way. i d0 n0t play int0 their lame games.
the true game is what i play.
i am what i am, always have been. i g0 t0 that. i g0t burned a little, i had m0ments 0f cha0s and d0ubt. i adjust, return t balance!
Huge Earth-Quake action AZ NM JAP. Tonga began w- Alaska Pacific basin
initial vid Sh0cked! Recent earthquakes Time Magnitude Location
15 minutes ago 6.8 Samoa Islands region
8 hours ago 7.2 South Sandwich Islands region
14 hours ago 3.2 Offshore Nor...

where to meet
323-843-2863 (skype) here's my number. want to talk before july8 meeting.
where can we meet. I have some time in the morning to get somewhere other than the greyhound - one station downtown and the other near Union Station.
I could go to Glendale? I could head towards the LAX neighborhoods? What is your preference?

Numerology Numbers Spiritual Knowledge
There are only three numbers to be concerned with, when starting out. This is your foundation of Truth. peterappleseed,enternetglobal,enternetglobal network, mysterey1, masterey1, enternet-global, Numerology (Quotation Subject), Spirituality, E...
323-843-2863 (skype) here's my number. want to talk before july8 meeting.
where can we meet. I have some time in the morning to get somewhere other than the greyhound - one station downtown and the other near Union Station.
I could go to Glendale? I could head towards the LAX neighborhoods? What is your preference?
Re:where to meet
My number is 818 517 1795..I've never skyped. I'm at your disposal. Tell me what you need. No stress. If you need a driver to do If you need to do some stuff first and then need a ride cool. My wife will pick up my kids from camp. =) I live in Playa Del Rey...Literally next to lax. I usually eat Mexican food close by. I know you do yoga so it may not be your thing, again let me know. =) Not sure you'd like public transportation in Los Angeles. Let's plan to talk Saturday at some time. erick

communicated on my video - Incredible Hard-Working young Builder, My daughter
Michaela Ghita1 hour ago
she's so adorable. The hat looks good on u. By the way, I sent you my horoscope info, and It still didn't go through, i tried Mystery Ev1, and I tried MysterEyone.  Maybe I can try again if you can.
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Everybody Every11 hour ago
 Sorry about the delay and trouble. I was waiting for it so I can look into your chart! Try again I will do it today.. email it to astro@enternetglobal(dot) c o m
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Michaela Ghita1 hour ago
 No trouble at all...thank you:) I will send it now:))
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Michaela Ghita52 minutes ago
 it worked, i think:) it's sent.
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Everybody Every143 minutes ago

+Michaela Ghita I will check the email box for it now.
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Michaela Ghita40 minutes ago
the phone is good, or if u want we can do email? I'm glad that your going to Europe and Middle East, I remembering you saying that. Especially Middle East. Very nice. I hope you have a nice and safe time there. I'd love to see Jerusalem:) and eat their food too:)

So, yeah when you find a time you can call me 541-549-6558, when you want.
We can use the phone then, when I have a proper amount of time to try.. and we can coordinate when you will have time also.
I have been trying to get over to the middle east for more than a year.  Thats where my daughter has been. Brought by mother back there.
I will go to Jerusalem. Hoping to share some video with me and my daughter there soon. ;7)
One thing about your chart. since you said between 5-6 I did it for 5:30am. But maybe we can get more exact.  If nobody remembers the accurate time, then I can figure it out - its called chart rectification. This is an intuitive and scientific technique.
The accurate time will make the chart easier to interpret for timings.
I'll have to have a conversation with you for this process.
I will most likely call from 323-843-2863
Are you in Los Angeles by any chance? Im using the airport there. 

oh, sorry i was just finishing yoga.
I just remember my mother telling me around 5:30 am, like you said:) , but don't remember for sure. That's why I stated 5-6 am.

I'm in Central Oregon. This is a home number, I gave up my cell phone. So if you have a kind of knowing time then that would be better, but i'm mostly here, I usually like to be here mostly, unless I go bike riding, or at the hot springs.

It will be nice to talk to you when you do..

website/social-network of CouchSurfing, bulletins
I will be flying in from Los Angeles (where I live in the Southwest U.S.) and getting to Copenhagen the evening of July 9.  I wanted to see this Denmark for the first time in a brief visit - I depart early July 11. I just completed a book on American history and all the research tired me out.  I would like to relax in Copenhagen and see some of the sights.  I would like to see any of the nature; I also appreciate going out to the countryside.  I greatly enjoy walking or bicycling.  I heard that in Denmark many people speak fluent English; that makes it easy, but I also wouldn't mind learning some of the Danish language.  I like to have interesting conversations and I'm  knowledgeable about diverse subjects, especially spirituality.  Also I like to meditate and do yoga, so talking and thinking does not overwhelm.  Thanks for taking an interest in my trip. Oh I forgot to mention: I was a fairly active, American filmmaker and then got into youtube and vimeo.  I produce documentaries now and probably will be taking video on my trip, if you don't mind.  Hoping to hear from some nice folks and looking forward to meeting and special memories in Copenhagen.

I will be in Tel Aviv from early Friday onwards.  Will be meeting with my daughter and her mother, for Shabbat and dinner.  After that, we may stay in the city for a few more days, especially if we can meet some nice folks and be hosted.  I am not sure if she has lodging, since she is an Israeli already living in Zefat. So, I may be alone or with my family.  Its a small family, my daughter is 7 years of age.  We are kosher, prefer vegetarian, love nature, culture, travelling the world and meeting new people.  Discussions of a variety of topics is welcome, or quiet time is enjoyed, as we meditate for health of the mind and soul.

zdrwkb 4038461302096624joon16 n s. t md 826

Interesting article I agree with:
"Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System
Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long  By C. Young
This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War .
Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Viet Nam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view..."


(Copenhagen N, Denmark)

    Status: Established
    Formed: 2010  Established: 2010
    Visitors accepted: Yes
    Open to new Members: No
    Contact Name: Yoda
    Refnæsgade 41 , 2. th, 3. tv,, 4. tv
    Copenhagen N, 2200
    Center mapReset map
    Visitor Process

    Visitors accepted: Yes
    We love visitors. However, please write us beforehand to make sure that somebody is home
    Membership Process

    Open to new Members: No
    No spare rooms at the moment
Mission Statement:
Love Jesus, love people
Community Description:
We are a community consisting of six apartments in the building block on Refsnæsgade 41 on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Currently, we are fifteen people living there. We share the same kitchen and share food and housekeeping expenses. We believe in fellowship around the table and consider guests a blessing to our house.
All members are Christians but we welcome all no matter religion or ethnic origin. We believe in unity but not in similarity. Our vision is that the humility, goodness and grace that flowed from our Rabbi Jesus, may be visible in our lives and in our house.
I am coming from California to Copenhagen and I would like to visit your community.  I am interested inyour fellowship and how you are living together. I will arrive in Denmark July 9.  Thank you for your interest and I love what you are doing with Jesus.







<2014Oct-circa>FILE DOCUMENT: largest painting I did in Israel

Compare to previous Israel adventure, circa 2007August:


<2014Dec2>FILE DOCUMENT: Home Schools written form.8.2012.pdf
Researching how to register a home-school under the NEW MEXICO system.

<2014Dec4>FILE DOCUMENT: likechrist
Christianity-based offerings from David Seyler, aka Channel Evotelution of Utubia:
 David Seyler 1 month ago  • Shared privately
 Recently have made some progress on the LIKECHRIST application.  I have to finish the rest of the list but here is what I got so far....imagine everyone competing to be like Christ.
Mathew 4:4 I will live by the word of God.
Mathew 4:7 I will not tempt the Lord my God.
Mathew 4:10 I will leave the enemy and worship the Lord and only serve Him.
Mathew 4:17 I will repent because I know the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Mathew 5:3 I will be poor in spirit.
Mathew 5:4 I will mourn.
Mathew 5:5 I will be meek.
Mathew 5:6 I will hunger and thirst after rightousness. 
Mathew 5:7 I will be merciful.
Mathew 5:8 I will be pure in my heart.
Mathew 5:9 I will be a peacemaker.
Mathew 5:10 I will be persecuted for rightousness sake.
Mathew 5:11 I will be cursed for Jesus sake.
Mathew 5:12 I will rejoice and be exceedingly glad when persecuted.
Mathew 5:16 I will let my light show before men so they can see my good works.
Mathew 5:17 I will not think that Jesus came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.
Mathew 5:19 I will do these commandements and teach others to as well. 
Mathew 5:22 I will not be angry with my brother without a cause or call him a fool.
Mathew 5:24 I will get up from the alter if I remember my brother has something against me and be reconciled with him first.
Mathew 5:25 I will agree with with my adversary quickly.
Mathew 5:27 I will not commit adultery.
Mathew 5:28 I will not look upon a woman with lust.
Mathew 5:29 I will pluck out my own right eye if it causes me to sin.
Mathew 5:31 I will not get a divorce except for sexual immorality.
Mathew 5:34 I will not swear by anything, rather let me yes be a yes and my no a no.
Mathew 5:39 I will not resist evil but rather turn my cheek.
Mathew 5:40 I will do more then asked for when sued or asked to walk a mile.
Mathew 5:42 I will give to those who ask and I don't turn away those who want to borrow.
Mathew 5:44 I will love my enemies.
Mathew 5:44 I will bless those who curse me.
Mathew 5:44 I will do good to those that hate me.
Mathew 5:44 I will pray for those which despitefully use me or persecute me.
Mathew 5:48 I will be perfect like my Father in Heaven.
Mathew 6:1 I will not do my charitibale deeds or give alms before men to be seen by them.
Mathew 6:5 I will not pray publically to be seen by men rather do so in private.
Mathew 6:7 I will not use vain repetitions when I pray.
Mathew 6:9 I will honor God's name.
Mathew 6:12 I will forgive my debtors.
Mathew 6:14 I will forgive those that trespass against me.
Mathew 6:16 I will fast secretyly before my heavenly father and not before men.
Mathew 6:19 I will lay up my treasures in heaven and not upon earth.
Mathew 6:25 I will not be anxious about what I am going to wear, eat or drink.
Mathew 6:33 I will seek first the kingdom of God and rightousness.
Mathew 6:34 I will not worry about tomorrow for the father knows what I need.
Mathew 7:1 I will judge not that I may not be judged.
Mathew 7:5 I will focus on fixing myself first so I can then see clearly how to help my brother.
Mathew 7:6 I will not give things that are holy to people that are dogs.
Mathew 7:7 I will ask my heavenly father for things and follow up by seeking, knocking, and expecting good results.

<2014Dec5>FILE DOCUMENT: ytvideo-text-evilcultsorcultureofalternativedesign
Documentary. People are always fascinated by cults, which are groups of people who are just doing things a little bit differently or very very differently.  So we have to understand that humanity is a social animal and a hierarchical complex being.  We create systems and role-playing for each individual.  There inevitably is a diagram of pyramid shape or similar.  Even the biological family model is that way! Individualistic thinking is intimidated by such factual reality, yet theres nothing inherently wrong with it.  We as a sentient species are experimenting and gaining lots of experiences.  Some of it is good some is not. We should leanr form our mistakes.  Yet not live in FEAR, cherish what is good.  We needs guides and leaders.  Find the best ones and support them.  You do not have to give over your free will completely to a guru or cult ruler.  There can be a balance.  It is the master who keeps their followers happy and the followers who keep the master happy.  Any imbalance or extreme will ultimately become unhappy for all parties.  Work together. It is the cooperative, intentional and BENEVOLENT unit we are developing.
Support my brand of truth-seeking, freedom, revolution, personal transformation and collective awakening! Related channels:  for more uploads from my co-producers  Make your voice heard, my videos are a discussion forum. (no censorship)
EntertainmentGIANT est. '05
cf. agayam for art
enternetglobal,masterey1,cults,cultwatch,gurus,spiritual guide,channeling,UFO,aliens,alien agenda,government,intentional community,community,extended family,family,society,sociology,willpower,free will,mind control,evil,Cult,Alternative,Culture (Website Category)

<2014Dec12>FILE DOCUMENT: tamar-poison
this is why you cant provide for your kids you had spent literarly half of your life inbfront of the screen instead iof providing a home and land to your family like a real man should do!!
so tewll me why did you take down the other video you made about the criss in america??
because you didn't want the world to get exposed to the real truth truth thjat was pointed out to you about the cris in your life that you had created!!
you are redicilous and full of shit...that comes from someone who knows you the best!!

I will debate you live on national tv to bring out the truth truth about you!
a men who takes a vow under the name of god and breaks it!! claiming god doesnt care for that...????
this is why your videos goes no where!
your life is in complet caos!
because you cannot handel the debate that will put you in the spot light of truth
then shut you down into darkness when the world will discover who you really are
and how much demege you cause for those who loved you the most and cared for you
but it all ment nothing to you
your day of the truth is coming
irts time for you to pay your price
which will be never finding peace and truth love
you will be left alone few years from today
for all your lies and manipulation

<2014Dec18>FILE DOCUMENT: linkedin summary
linkedin summary circa 2014 up until Dec.12, 2014 I changed it:
Important new info Director's Reel soon* [eg2pod is a proprietary system which will revolutionize art and media]
Who's Ahgamen aka Mr.E, Ey, Everybody-Every1, Peter Appleseed
Founder of EnternetGlobal c.2000 Constructing EG2pod YT network Entertainment Giant w/ 63 channels, 44+ million Views  To do the excruciating labor to be remembered for posterity, making history is what I do. I have a destiny (how about you)
Build it and they will come  I'm an auteur a method actor, yet I only play my own multiple personas  Its imperative to be professional and long-term thinking, even in our instantaneous world
Born on a Sunday of great war  I might as well be an artist or a writer  Currently my prolific promotion of youtube material has led to consistent earnings, the potential of which we couldn't have imagined 5 years ago However, google's ways won't behoove itself to reign at the top for long  Having fostered the experiments of Sharkle LiveVideo now Vimeo I don't put all my eggs in 1 basket
I'm a motivated executive  Hard to work with but did you want it easy?  The game plan will coordinate team-players determined to learn and strive for group cooperation This fame machine becomes a struggle of the human spirit  The one I'm most critical of is my own disciplined self  By and large you're your own accuser boss judge and jury  Be true to thine own self.  My message is to love and live and be the best you can be
The crucial thing is to keep it real.. eccentric in this personality industry  Unique & thought-provoking  My presence is a wake-up call to figure out the meaning of life (or else the fluff is meaningless)  I know what's important and have a clear conscience.  I've been on a peripatetic path, forging adaptability & frugality. If you need a perfect example for "Do what you love first, then the money will follow"
New info ---
Posting recent developments: Posting recent developments: The enternetglobal site has not been updated, because we are keeping the info under-wraps. I will unveil the basics here.  There is an idea for an "app" and we are seeking some programmers for it. Also, just as important, we are offering a financial partnership opportunity for those who are interested in the business side. The app is essentially an innovative version of a social-networking system with a connection into a bigger website which expands into video gaming.  How exactly this will be integrated seamlessly is the biggest part of the work.
On another project, I have drafted a movie script for a feature production.  This will be an action, drama, science fiction, something of an "apocalyptic future", but with a more spiritual awareness.  The movie is set some years ahead in the United States and progresses into international themes, with the Middle East as the primary focus. This screenplay is scheduled to be completed during this winter, before Mach 2015. At which point, I would like to forge into production. However this will only happen if funding is secured.
In September 2014 I published a biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt and printed a few copies of this first edition.  The book is actually the first part of a full three part volume. The next installment is sitting on the back burner right now. If you have an interest in history, then please contact me for more details. I'm hoping that this historical research can evolve into something more poignant.
On 12/17/14 10:09 PM, Ian Couch wrote:    
my number's the same (917) 821-
are you upstate?   Jonah's a cool guy/artist...grandma was famous modern dancer...he wants to find the right place upstate and make a Utopia basically. I immediately thought of you and Peg Leg. i miss upstate so much. I go to my mom's every now and then, and my little boy i almost 3, but he and his mom are in Japan a few months to take care of her dad. I'm gonna try to get there next month. Jonah's number is 347-495-5302 or u can find him on facebook through my friends; Jonah Freedman . You will absolutely enjoy speaking with him and bouncing ideas. Can't wait to catch up with you
On 12/17/14 6:15 PM, Ahgamen Kyyboa wrote: .....   
I just got back from israel.  i'm traveling the country rght now for a little while to raise the funding for the projects.  I will be upstate by the spring. But There's been some damage and vandalism so we have to have a guard there. he's watching the place and wont allow anybody.  We also dont want hunters coming there and shooting all the wildlife.
Call you soon. I got a califnornia number.
hows your mom and sister? they still in pawling?
Does Jonah want to give a donation? or just live there? I took out some loans and the paperwork is very complicated at this point.

<2014Dec21>FILE DOCUMENT: sam-evaluation
dec21, 2014  western state hospital Virginia, Stanton
main 540-332-8000   monday tuesday

<2014Dec22>FILE DOCUMENT: civilogybasics
Civilogy 2012+
"Study of human civilization"
Major divisions or Dualities
⦁    male vs. female/father vs. mother
This is a real division for many different factors
⦁    religion vs. government
As a general rule, religion is the essence of the governments of the past, as well as their cosmology and cultural rules.  Government is the presiding current power of the state, which may or may not become religion in the future.
⦁    state vs. individual
Also described as society vs. psyche.

<2014Dec24>FILE DOCUMENT: ahgamenlifestory
Kyyboa founder, Ahgamen = a life story = biographical outline, memoirs and Bio timeline

Bio timeline  #=relocation
    driving, drinking, and hot wings
    bunky infatuation
    karla prom
    summer of karla, sabrina and keith
    golf course revelations
    karla breakup
    burger king christine
    #(brazil?) buffalo
    #kingston benedictine hosp
    #back to southgate
    rejunion christine
    #montgomery 2 bigger apt
    ###omega E.birthday
    #64 lincoln
    #188clinton detroit delivery until Sept.
    #mt vernon oct scaby crabs
    pearl paint
    #jersey city
    bike messenger doored
    dina march 1989
    #staten island
    #Capecodbutcher 6/7 sharkmeat sicktodie gaygolfcoursewatcher
    #putnam co. israeli grandfather
    #queens hakan
    trip to boston met karen and unkaren
    #jax condo
    #drove down w- turks
    #back to 64 shop rite, panda restaurant
    driving south thru carolinas with $2000+ savings
    #tersa fays
    emma born
    athens friends
    #moving truck drove thru charlotte
    reeferrun shrooms withdavian
    #omage revisited
    NH - np bookstore
    irene jeep
    emmagone arrest
    #back to 64
    irene married-OFF
    andi shiva and nicole
    adventures with new world rising
    nicole married-OFF
    daphne sets up confrontation w- smithstr guy
    magdalena? and cain (and mylissa)
    rainbow kentucky
    keradwyn moves in
    woodstock cemetery
    peace weaver
    rainbow vermont
    boston capecod
    #virginia stay
    ralf and others take second house
    abortion winter
    I make myself disowned
    #june-sunset property
    sam born
    #jax2 at jaes place boyfriend whos mother died
⦁    #apt on street where family murder occurs
⦁    #trailer park guy
⦁    #old ladys cottage she went to nannyliveinjob
⦁    #took off to virgnia
⦁    #i wandered down beach
⦁    autodrivaway from daytona or Orlando
⦁    #return to 64 beatnik hollow
⦁    #bungalow colony in minnewaska mkzMaria
⦁    #64 sam w-agapa Keradwyn alone goes to college in DC
⦁    #summer of quarry hill sam chicken pox
⦁    I had depression about stressful life and not getting into manwithplan
⦁    spring of hallmark
⦁    the russians Anya
⦁    #started with sherrytown? community gatherings
⦁    filming Get Dat Paperboy and planning Gospel adaptation
⦁    rainbow vermont
⦁    met louis acker with carol?
⦁    visited 12tribes orginal IC
⦁    #vermont goddard college
⦁    tent in winter ice
⦁    #saturn return 12tribes Providence
⦁    #chicago car delivery
⦁    dans and the prophet damian?
⦁    #12tribes community where I donated car
⦁    carol in woodstock goes on search with me to
⦁    #burlington
⦁    car throws a rod after gashaul
⦁    using internet and studying white buffalo prophecy page
⦁    tv with steve moyers
⦁    boston roomie
⦁    trying to get married thru lawyer
⦁    movedout by her father
⦁    #i got busticket from mother back to 64
    started w-andryuh
    virginia arrest and fed court case epicwin
    #haight avenue and haum andmoron
    WGOD TV baseball games KC and magdalena
    city hall and newspapers and taxi
    #garage on franklin st.
    #moved bricks load to sherrytown
    staying w-andreyuh eric and gf
    #freezing van mittletown
    brother died
    np-met juleyah
    #virginia IC
    rainbow july
    #woodstock house
    #pgresort august
    nc pickup klow
    juleyah breakup
    danny died
    people died
    #kerhonkeytown jewelyah apt.
    college at StonedRidge
    Elizabeth winter
    high falls dishwasher
    NZ mark
    haum at cuccias
    girls at pine granch Anya2, anna, sabina
    911event virginia
    julia final breakup
    #max silver spring studios
    friend dies outside my door
    bike messenger again
    bike messenger smaller firm hotsummer
    #alexandria townhouse gatedcomplex
    #movingnorth arrest
    #53 parents new house
    cream meetings
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2013-Dec.Mid Soon after we started the lease at the aprtment on the wealthy, exclusive caracol neighborhood, there was a domestic conflict.
One morning she was, as usual, looking through any of my network productions, and found something she could not possibly deal with.  It was a one minute clip of two young ladies enjoying each other in a sensual manner.  The clip was borrowed from another site and was being used as a test to gain more subscribers and viewers to a new channel launch.  But this kind fo thing riles up her jealousy and vengefulness.  She cold-cocked me in the face and knocked my glasses to the floor, permanently damaged. She started screaming and carrying on, yelling for me to leave, obviously according to her fragile sesnsibilities, I had to be kicked out to the outer world and punished.  All after she took me for almost everything that I had, including a new refrigerator full of food and drink.  So I gathered a few thigns together and...
Thus began the Christmas season of 2013. (I am recollecting this a year later, on the day the baja comp. internet is disconnected in t or c - their service was extremely unreliable and they have been lying since 3 years ago that they will be improved and faster internet "next month it will be high speed" LIE)

<2014Dec30>FILE DOCUMENT: ahgamenlifestory-memoirs
civilogy 2012+
I spent my childhood in the NASSAu side of the Spackenkill district of the town of Poughkeepsie suburbs of the small American city of Poughkeepsie during the 1970's.  By the end of that 70s decade, I entered adolesence and my teenage years unfolded.  Into the 1980's I went from Nassau and started to branch out into the other side of the district and started spending more of my days over there with my new crew of friends from the Hagantown side.  This is where most of the IBM computer programmer familes are from and many of the houses are larger and more expensive, especially the yards were more expansive and surrounded by more wooded land.  These are the buffer zone lands where I spent all those years hanging out and cutting through as short-cuts going to every destination which you will read about.

    Keith is 16 and I just turned 17 and we are looking for our first employment.  It's the middle of 1984, that proverbial year (i.e. the George Orwellian theme)...  I think I was not trying too hard to apply, it was mostly Keith seriously trying to get a job.  I was accompanying him and letting him be the guinea pig.  After all, did I really want to do this working thing?  All I had ever done was deliver papers once a week.  And even that... you remember the other chapter, I ended up dumping the bundle of newspapers a few times.  Do you really think a ten dollar paycheck is worth all those hours of effort?  Sorry but the supervisor needed to be more supervisory.  no one ever knew nor complained.
    I distinctly recall that we went into the Carroll's restaurant on the south road, heading into the city of Poughkeepsie.  Carrol's was located near the road in front of Stop and Shop and Bradlee's parking lot.  There was a distinctive style of building for Carroll's.  I hope I can find a picture.  Maybe not as wellknown as the McDonalds yellow arches, but nonetheless.  I had sampled their food with my parents at some point in my childhood, but it was not one of the family favorites.  If you recall one of the earliest fave picks was the Hyde Park Dairy Queen; the hamburgers with sliced pickles and ketchup, the thin salty french fries, and the awesome onion rings!  It was such a memorable flavor (but unfortunately such fare became increasingly unhealthy as the years passed by).  If I recall correctly, Carroll's had similar menu and it was a popular chain for its time.  Keith did not get hired either because there were no openings or some other reason.  Soon thereafter, in late August or September when school started again, he did get hired at the Red Oaks Mills Burger King on the other side of the town of Poughkeepsie.  Red Oaks Mills is not on the Hudson river side, it is on the Wappingers Creek side to the east of Hagentown.  This locale was to expand into a whole new world of experience for me, during 1984 and 1985.  We did have some explorations of the area previous to his getting hired.  It had not been more than a year ago from his Burger King employment that we had rode our bicycles up the road and wandered to the creek.  We did not actually go right up to the falls which marked the old Mills, but we were immediately downstream in the vicinity.  This would turn out to be a very significant location and somewhat eerie.  It is an ominous warning.
    The creek widens out at that section and the embankment is very high above it.  The vegetation is overgrown as a result and there are some large trees along the hillside-riverbanks.   For some reason, which I never came to know with certainty, there lived a trolley car, cable car contraption, all metal and manufactured.  This car hung all unattended by itself, suspended by cables extending across the creek.  For however many years it stayed there, it was banged up and rusty, but it kept being relatively functional.  I guess it was Keith or somebody from Hagentown who first told me about it.  On my side of our town of poughkeepsie/Spackenkill district, we did not know about this secret contraption, since it was miles away.  You know we were going to have fun with this thing.  We went to it and you can imagine it was a dangerous activity.  Obviously reckless of us, but that was the whole point!  We were self-proclaimed "scapegoats" and these were the crazy years of our youth.. which actualy continued for many years longer than one might expect, into college years and beyond; at least for me they did... and really never ended (Keith calmed down a little as all the scapegoats did, but me, I had other issues which kept me running on ragged craziness).  I know you imagine we are going to fall and crack our heads open, like eggs yolks and phlegm drooling over the flowing water.
    When we got to the area, where the supermarket is with the bank and the burger king next to it, we crossed Vassar Road to the other shopping plaza.  There was in those days in the plaza, a hobby store, if I recall.  We stashed our bikes and we may or may not have locked them.  We made our way behind the stores, to the secluded unkempt woods of the trolley car, well it could also be thought of as a ski lift car (without a skiing slope anywhere near it).

In december 2014 while gong through the complex process of getting settled again in the USA and returning shylahs emah to the same area, we encountered much emotion and diagreement.  She, tamarhgaleah, declared that the people she knows in tsafed did no longer have respect for me.  On skype text I wrote in response: Mark these words "those who did not arrive at a true respect for Jesus Christ, they could never have the ability to respect this prophet"
Figure it out and start there my love.
[11:00:57 AM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: why should I care about petty mortals who you phalander around with? your yes boys.
She had texted 5 days earlier these impassioned angry words: you have no place here!! no one will do any busniess with you!
[12/23/2014 3:20:41 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: because now they know you are a layer and deciver! that you fooled me the whole time! they all think nyour crazy!! you totally finished your career here in zfat!!
[12/23/2014 3:21:25 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that what you deserve for laying fooling manipulating and deciving! what a mother fucker you are!!
[12/23/2014 3:22:14 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you will get burn alive!!! so that the real massaich can come and do his work with honor and respect ! not like you! scambag!!
[12/23/2014 5:37:08 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: and what is going on with the number im always calling to?? i had called so many times yesturday and the machine is amnsweing saying the number has disconnected?? i need to talk to you asap!! what the hell is wrong with you again?? i am just trying to pay fot the light to ABQ on january 19!!! can you make the effort at least to try to call me???
[12/23/2014 5:37:20 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: i can't really stand you!
[12/23/2014 5:37:39 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: what  a fucking mistake i made! sending shylah with YOu!
[12/23/2014 5:37:52 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: youi better answer your phone or call me ASAP!
[12/23/2014 5:38:17 AM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: otherwize darkness will fall upone yoiu and you will loose everything!! mark my words!!

what the fuck were you wriring to me" phlander around,",???? what is your poblem......???? what r u talking about???
[12:37:01 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: phalandering is the people you consort with, to prop you up.
[12:37:23 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: The definition is about wasting time. thats all.
[12:39:07 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: Nobody there "knows" me. Although you keep insisting that. You do know me but have misunderstanding of my love. But that is ok, it takes time to process.
[12:44:13 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you are the only one who runs back and force with two women?/? what are you complaning?? you will never believe me or see me for who i have become ..!!!!you are so possesed with the past ..." ....the past two years.." "the first two years...." you say ALL THE TIME can not ever humbelle yourself for a spiritual mistak you had concoiusly made. ..a tare in the energy...this is what it means to break a vow....everything means nothing to you
[12:46:00 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: some time you feel some time you shut yourself down
[12:48:40 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: SO now i know -- its a mazing - a constant process of understanding things along the way ----- that if you were the massaich you would know that i go out to work. i come back here and spend MOST of my time packing cleaning - writting - i just wrote about 20 mpages last night about " fusion of comfusions
[12:48:59 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: I continuously have loved you. and all I am working for is an agreement to raise shylah in the best way.
[12:50:34 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: Just this week of Chanukah we finished WIPING OUT the plague disease of lice.  Do u understand how much work that caused? So maybe you could thank me.  She is more healthy now.  And I have it recorded at the doctor that she had lice and had it for a LONG time, which the doctor confirmed. and now I managed to cure her of it.
[12:50:43 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ....but you always try to mput me down to exuse me of sins i am totally clear for//
[12:51:30 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: although i am strong enogh toda lael to say that i have also sined and keep praying for it
[12:53:30 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ...but i have seen you down,,, where it was proven ..your weakness..
[12:54:48 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: these are your ahchilas point..
[1:00:39 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ... yes little child,,,do you complain and brag for two months not even you caring for her hair....i been caring for it for years...when you come and go then i go ..but i alwys took care of feeding her dressing her the best denist care and the best hair and sclup cair to her every day sclup massag and brush hair ,,,for two times  i took alLL  lice away.. they always come back becuse other kids cared for it f you dont clean it all the way throgh which i know each time taking them all out to the last onee t... you know how i work for hours..
[1:02:26 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you can blame and america people carry all disese in their huge amount of fat their carrying on their bodies..
[1:04:38 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: toxin that goes into everywhere in the body.. just like the lice...sucking and poisinig..
[1:08:47 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: this is what i mean when i dont really vallue a great powerfull spirit coming facing you....doing all these great things,,,
[1:09:32 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i do think you can do great things. and raising shylah in cooperation with me is your greatest.
[1:09:38 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you have desecrated her...fought with her over the guiness she was
[1:09:48 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but you didnt see it
[1:09:58 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you didnt apreaciated
[1:11:05 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ....but she will be given to her true man that is coming to be
[1:11:41 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: bringing her higher..whee she belongs to be
[1:12:02 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: yet humbel with love for all
[1:13:11 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: he is the man that wilol trealize right away who she is...
[1:13:51 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ...that will realize right away who she is...
[1:14:01 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: her amazing skills
[1:14:12 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: her bright clear sight
[1:14:28 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: all for the sake of goodness..
[1:14:40 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: he will take her with him...
[1:14:47 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: she will be the one
[1:15:01 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: to be by his side
[1:15:16 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: on this on going rides
[1:15:59 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: curvey twists and turns ..on the way to serve the all mighty goodd!!
[1:16:57 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you see ahga i was there for me... that was your test..
[1:17:06 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you pretty much failed it
[1:19:36 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: i came to assist you all along from the begining..i h
[1:20:47 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: i have asked you to ALWAYSfocus on your work. \dont get distracted by my present around...yet you never for a sligh quite moment stoped to losten,
[1:21:09 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: in the movie portrayal of the book, even frodo was humble.  yet he carried the burden to its destruction. so even the humble can be used for wrath and vengeance.
[1:21:16 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: so that it could get through to yoy..then you can go back focusing on work
[1:21:52 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: and yet I know and told you so you know - that the book is a huge distortion of Solomons life and myth.
[1:22:37 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: of course,,!! but you are far from being humble!!!
[1:23:03 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you are sinning with arregancy almost constantly
[1:23:06 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: in the world of men, there is no one who has been more humble. why cant you see that?
[1:23:55 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i chose the difficulty from the start. it is a vow. in the middle of it I found you.
[1:24:23 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: why on earth would i choose you if I was not humble?

finally my truth love..
[1:30:22 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that last forever..
[1:30:41 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: only to bring redembtion for the world!!
[1:36:19 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i will never follow anybody who is not proven in the mind and spirit to be superior.
[1:36:46 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: if u want, you can show them to me.
[1:37:01 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: r u kidding me??
[1:37:26 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: with that attitude you ll be lucky even to be by his side!!
[1:38:24 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you are sharp in some espect..and in maany others you dont!!
[1:38:56 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you might have an amazing semnce of sicince stars, mwords math is so easy for you
[1:39:11 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that is definetly makes you bright
[1:40:25 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but you eggo isv aking
[1:40:29 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: is tooo week
[1:41:14 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: its alwayd need reinforcment of flattering to you., nice words about yourself
[1:43:22 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: actuall i get it now!! this is why you just blamed me for planndering around...?? aS you said with bunch of guys allways making me look good,,,that is you!! this is exactly what you do!! so
[1:43:34 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i dont look for anything from you in words, because you are always offering the opposite, just a putdown.  I get all the flattering from another source - within.
[1:45:33 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that is how you always need nice people around you so that you always hAVe audiance.,.someone to yell at....
[1:46:41 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: this is exctlyt what i mean... when i adored you ..and tell you that something you did is great and excitedb to tears for the book you wrote,,
[1:47:20 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you never see when when i want to hug you or tell you how nice the colors in the painting
[1:47:29 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: thanks.  i thanked you in the deidcation/
[1:47:44 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you are not a lisetener! you dont listen!
[1:48:18 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i am in the middle of writing some very difficult legal papers. remember I told you! You can send me all this in an email because it is easier to send and read.
[1:48:24 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you caanotr evewr hear me telling you siomething nice
[1:48:39 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: which i know in my hart how many..
[1:48:45 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you vallue nothing
[1:48:51 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i do listen. i can write your bio. for all that i listened.
[1:48:59 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i love you.
[1:50:27 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you just say that that
[1:50:40 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you dont know what it means anymore
[1:51:27 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you just say that
[1:51:58 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you never want to kiss anymore
[1:52:16 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: even when there weresio many good moments
[1:52:30 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you dont know how nto touch
[1:52:38 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: por to really make love
[1:52:49 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: its always just about you
[1:52:53 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: what you likje\
[1:53:00 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: what you dont like
[1:53:09 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you barely touvh me
[1:53:37 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that is why my truth madssaich is coming to me
[1:53:46 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: i waited long enogh
[2:02:39 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: becauseb you had nedlected me enogh when you went with some one who is by the desision of heavn , so unworthy,,un holy..
[2:03:07 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: massicach dosnt make mistake like that,,
[2:03:37 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: its easy to trapp you
[2:03:42 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: unfortunatlly
[2:04:02 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you will see great suffering boths from your son,
[2:04:14 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but mainly from your other one
[2:05:05 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: as its all part of the propecy
[2:05:19 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but shlah with i
[2:05:34 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: will bring the light
[2:06:08 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: shylah because i am the vasl you want all your kids in
[2:06:38 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: to teach them the right things
[2:06:47 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: i was given likeb that to you
[2:06:55 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but youfought it
[2:06:59 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: agnored it
[2:07:36 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you fought it, abused it. blamed it. hurt it.
[2:07:57 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you titally bought falier upon you
[2:08:40 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: as i opend up and said at the very top of yhis page
[2:16:40 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: well i know for someone who knows you soo well...humbell is the exact of what can and should be say about you - arragent andv proud who always seek to control ithers!!
[2:18:48 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: that is correct!!
[2:21:16 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: but even when i knew this is how you are in still loved you and was willing to serve you
[2:22:32 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: untill it all became clear that you are and your angry actions killed everythin g we could have had together
[2:24:28 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: send it in an email.
[2:25:31 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you are a servant of the great master.
[2:26:01 PM] Peter Appleseeds Seed: i serve the purpose that I was created to do. what is the definition of the master?
[2:26:03 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: maybe next life you will be ready for the real job
[2:26:50 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: the great master that serves the freates master of them all, the allmighty
[2:27:30 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you have potentional. great, but still much behind
[2:28:30 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: ok. im going to lay down now
[2:29:15 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: you intention is to servr the purpuse but you dont always do it
[2:30:24 PM] Tamarleelah Elhayani: in fact many times you do the exact oposit thing by for instance, going against me. or against something really good and importantbthat i do.


Chapter ?2222
The Windtorn Night when first my heart broke

1987-07 In the summer of my 20th year (This must be taken in context of the Omega Institute Period #1)




<2015Jny8>FILE DOCUMENT: chart

<2015Jny8>FILE DOCUMENT: website MNT Knowledge Center
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)  Fast facts on vertigo
Here are some key points about vertigo. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.
⦁    In medical terms, vertigo is a specific kind of dizziness - a sense that you, or your environment, is moving or spinning, even though there is no movement.1,2
⦁    The rotational dizziness that defines vertigo is brought on by one of two causes - disturbance in either the balance organs of the inner ear, or parts of the brain or sensory nerve pathways.
⦁    Peripheral vertigo is a term that collects together the inner ear causes.
⦁    Central vertigo is a term that collects together the central nervous system.
⦁    Vertigo is itself a symptom, a specific kind of dizziness.
⦁    Other symptoms can include ⦁    hearing loss, ⦁    tinnitus, nausea, vomiting or a feeling of fullness in the ear.1
⦁    Physical examination might include looking into the ear, using one of the maneuver tests or a ⦁    MRI or CT scan.
⦁    Doctors will also explore medication use, family history of ⦁    migraines or ⦁    Meniere⦁    '⦁    s disease and recent ear infection or head injuries.
⦁    Some types of vertigo will disappear without treatment.
⦁    Other treatment options may include the Epley maneuver or symptomatic drug treatment.
What causes vertigo?
The rotational dizziness that defines vertigo is brought on by one of two causes - disturbance in either:
⦁    The balance organs of the inner ear, or
⦁    Parts of the brain or sensory nerve pathways.
Inner ear disturbance
 Most vertigo is a disturbance of the inner ear's role in balance perception.
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is thought to be caused by a disturbance in the otolith particles.2

These are the crystals of calcium carbonate within inner ear fluid that pull on sensory hair cells during movement and so stimulate the vestibular nerve to send positional information to the brain.6
With the BPPV disturbance, normal movement of the endolymph fluid continues after head movement has stopped.9
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is twice as common in women than men, usually affects older people and most often arises without a known cause (idiopathic). While most cases are spontaneous, BPPV vertigo can also follow:   A head injury or
Reduced blood flow in a certain area of the brain (vertebrobasilar ischemia), an episode of labyrinthitis, Ear surgery, Prolonged bed rest.
Uncommon causes are stroke and transient ischemic attack, cerebellar brain tumor, acoustic neuroma (a non-cancerous growth on the acoustic nerve in the brain) and multiple sclerosis.

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civilogy 2012+
SEARCHES:   ENT specialist, B.P.P.V. vertigo natural treatment ENT doctor

neurology, nervous system

Epley method, moving head and ear into positions

Vertigo: causes, symptoms and treatment

hi. here is the reservation info. I will try to contact the jcc in poughkepsee  NY. maybe they can help with something...????
Shabbat shalom
now I now it wasn't wise at all to send shylah and I will never do this again..
From: <>
Date: Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 1:59 PM
Subject: - Elhayani/ Tamar - Booking receipt - Trip # 25541847

Tel Aviv, IL (TLV)

New York Kennedy, NY, US (JFK)    Depart:
Fri, Jan 30, 2015
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Norwegian Air Shuttle : 8NYR2U
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     Elhayani, Tamar (Adult)    3287557191090 E-Ticket    Any meal    —­­­

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Departing Flight - Friday, Jan 30, 2015   
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Norwegian Air Shuttle
Flight 3791
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Airline confirmation:8NYR2USelect Seats    From
Tel Aviv (TLV)
12:25pm - Jan 30, Fri    To
Copenhagen (CPH)
03:50pm - Jan 30, Fri

Free baggage allowance
2 pieces    Nonstop

Norwegian Air Shuttle
Flight 7011
Airline confirmation:8NYR2USelect Seats    From
Copenhagen (CPH)
06:30pm - Jan 30, Fri    To
New York Kennedy (JFK)
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Free baggage allowance
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Flight Duration: 12hr 55min    Layover Time: 2hr 40min    Total Trip Time: 15hr 35min

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MysterEyONE VideoGuru <>
    11:57 AM (1 hour ago)
to Leelah


You will need to get the next flight from JFK after 9pm Jan.30 to fly to Mexico Ciudad Juarez (near Las Cruces). The flight is going to be about 400+  I will send you the details when I research the best flights on Jan.31
Then take a taxi to the border crossing. But you will not have pesos, that will cost you some money to exchange for some.
You will walk in, so they only check your green card and it is easy. It is totally different than getting in through the airport.
I will arrange a ride for you from the border crossing. Shylah and I will see you at the gate.

civilogy 2012+
EG-EG = EG2CORP Business Plan

MICROCANDY Bakery-raw foods-cafe and MACROCANDY Land online virtual world

there are two main aspects to the business: 

[the food product line ~ Microcandy] and [the virtual world ~ Macrocandy]

linkedin summary circa 2015Jan: We are building a website for social networking and we are looking for collaborators, technical help, programmers, and those who can promote on a grassroots level.  Part of the site is a Youtube clone - webvideo sharing, which has the look of one of the former designs (which goo-tube periodically replaces).  Other aspects of the site incl: credit-earning for completing tasks on the site, immersive video gaming, role-playing. Initially this is geared for the age range 8-15 and then it will roll out the older ages. There will be a fully functional smartphone app. All of this will need to be seamlessly integrated.
We will not go into too many details here (please cf. non-disclosure). Any interested parties are invited to make contact and provide an interest letter. Then we can go into whether your qualifications will match.  The structure of this will be very complex, so anybody on the team will need to be amiable, communicative, skilled and motivated.
There is also a physical retail product which will be connected to the theme of the site - marketing! Credits can be used for this or they can be ordered  This is designed to be a very fun interactive site. Trademarks in are secured. Let's get excited!
...more TBA
We are a new ambitious corporation and this is our main project 2015. eg2 Corp.

<2015jNY13>FILE DOCUMENT: 2015BP-eg2corp
civilogy 2012+
EG-EG = EG2CORP Business Plan

Microcandy Bakery-raw foods-cafe
Locations:     1) New York City
        2) Orlando, FL
        3) Tsafed, ISR?

Microcandy Bakery-raw foods-cafe Cooperative
Locations:    TBD according to response from crowd-funding campaign, after social network         establishment, 6 months of promotion and development

<2015jNY14>FILE DOCUMENT: eg2logo

Angelica Taylor Rank:

Babe rank on Freeones from 2005-01-01 to 2015-01-16

<2015Jny20>FILE DOCUMENT: birthcertificateSCT
2015-january-20 afternoon placed order, will arrive in 5-10 business days. By UPS air.
VitalChek Logo  25th Year Anniversary
Replacement Certificates:
On September 15, 2011, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued Executive Order 21 which temporarily suspends specific provisions of statute, local law, ordinance, orders, rules or regulations to facilitate the replacement of certain documents which may have been lost or damaged as a result of the recent disaster associated with Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Specifically, residents of counties declared as disaster areas who need to obtain replacement certificates of birth, death, fetal death, marriage, or divorce will be able to do so at no cost. If you believe you may qualify please refer to the following web page on the Department of Health's website for instructions on obtaining the necessary documents. You will not be able to order your replacement certificates through VitalChek at no cost.
New York State Vital Records does not file and cannot issue copies of New York City birth certificates. For births that occurred in one of the five (5) boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island), you will need to place your order with the New York City Department of Health.
Who Can Order?
You may order copies of New York birth certificates for yourself or for a child, as long as your name appears on the certificate*. Your name must also appear on the credit or debit card that is being used for payment.
*If your name does not appear on the New York birth certificates being ordered, upon completion of your order, please fax a copy of your government issued photo I.D. and proof of entitlement to (877) 854-4607. See below for acceptable forms of documentation:
Order Summary
Agency: N.Y. State Vital Records  - Birth Certificate   
Agency Certificate Fees:    $    45.00
VitalChek Processing Fee:    $    8.00
Shipping Fee:    $    0.00
Sub-Total Cost:    $    53.00
Birth Certificate $45.00
Date of Birth : 8-30-1994
Certificate of: Samein Capps Tasciotti

<2015Jny21>FILE DOCUMENT:  copyright-works
civilogy 2012+3
Organized, categorized, and subdivided into 3 major sections, therefore it is a trilogy in one book, an epic with threee books, divided into chapters.

1) kyyboa - memoirs - story of the meeting of the individual with his family, clan, tribal-social collective group.

2) enternetglobal - virtual reality - story of the adventures of peter appleseed in the virtual technological world; includes the Instant Messenger Sci-fi/fantasy screenplay.

3) civilogy instituto - biography - story of the knowledge which is being studied leading to the path of wisdom taking us to ultimate Truth.

Civil World War

<2015Jny26>FILE DOCUMENT: Only Three Groups of Humans
Global Horsepower 3.0  ·  Pages - Only Three Groups of Humans
There are only three groups of humans in the whole world, at the present time (or any time in history, as far as we know)  These three (3) groups are sub-groups or categories.  What are the three?
The three are determined according to power and control.  Who runs the world? Who rules it?  The first group is known as the CONTROLLERS.  The second is the CONTROLLED.  The third is the NEUTRAL.
How is this known?  How was this discovered? First of all, test it on yourself.  You will realize you are in one group or the other.  You may not like this, so you will want to try to transfer to another group.  But this will be difficult.
Which group are you in?  Most likely, the most populous group, almost EVERYBODY is in there.  it is the CONTROLLED.
Used to be, long ago in history, before superpowers, before machines, before the computer and internet, most people were in the group of the NEUTRAL.  Those days are almost over. How did it transition?  How did everybody get put into the CONTROLLED from originally being in the NEUTRAL?  Well it is the doing of the CONTROLLERS.
Is there much that can be done about it?  Not really.  That is not the point of this blog. We are just here to tell you the facts. Helping you to face the reality.  If you were to try to change anything on your own, then they would have to permanently "incapacitate" you.
The best you could hope for if you do not like being one of the CONTROLLED, is to find out how to transfer into the NEUTRAL.  But that is not going to be easy.  You will need special training and guidance.  cf. Kyyboa for this notion.
<2015Jan28> Bilbo is William Johnson       Phone is 575-654-

<2015Jny30>FILE DOCUMENT: michelFB-hitchhikeafterweekSantafecollege
civilogy 2012+3
Michelle EmLila Kyyboa
10 hrs · Edited ·
I am hitch hiking home as of 12 noon to get home to see my boys... I am protected in white light from creator and can do this safely. Van is no longer a running option and not enough funds to buy a bus ticket since the scholarship has not refunded back yet. Be home soon to hug my babies wink emoticon heart emoticon Mommy loves you more then anything! Here I go in the snow on foot from SF to TorC! Creator will create a path that is perfect!
You, Ashley Wood, Angela Rose Mageras, Mayana Kingery and 6 others like this.

Michelle EmLila Kyyboa He has no car Tanya Gallegos... its ok I feel totally protected and its an adventure I have very good judgement of safe peoples!
10 hrs · Like

Jessica Murphy Hmmm. I don't know of anyone traveling south from Albuquerque today or I would put you in touch.
9 hrs · Like · 2

Michelle EmLila Kyyboa Thanks Jessica Murphy... I carry good spirit inside and expect nothing less then that reflection in my outcome....
9 hrs · Like · 2

Freedom Song the trail opens to love and peace. I love you.
9 hrs · Like · 3

Angela Rose Mageras Blessings of protection and divine favor!
9 hrs · Like · 2

Brenda Peterson I hold you in my highest positive thought, I surround you in love and peace. You will reflect the goodness of God. And when I see you again I'm going to kick your butt for this! Be safe and I love you.
8 hrs · Like · 4

April Renée Prayers for your safety... And please check in if you can and definitely let us know when you have arrived safely. Yes. You are going to get a few butt kickins as well as hugs! BE CAREFUL.
8 hrs · Like · 2

Billie R Unruh Sending love and light.
8 hrs · Like · 1

Cj Randall be safe
7 hrs · Like · 2

Cindy Bellelli Sending angels
7 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Silvey Sending prayers to you for a safe journey!
6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Silvey
6 hrs · Like · 2

Michelle EmLila Kyyboa Ok im at the grey hound station.downtown albuquerque. .. Can anyone pick me up asap? I need a place to crash til morning.. limo bus leaves in morning. I'm short ten bucks for ticket.... hoping all will work out...
48 mins · Like · 1

Keith Collette My sister lives in T or C...
34 mins · Like · 1

Michelle EmLila Kyyboa I got ticket. I arrive in Las cruces at 7am on sat... if anyone can pick me up then beautiful! All is well!
9 mins · Like

Keith Collette pm me and I can give you my sister's #
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SunSea Temple SanCarlos-bytheSea One never knows how plans like this come together. lol the universe is a strange place, just jump in there and go with some kind of flow. Glad I could transfer some necessary funds. But spontaneity is not the only path to tread. (kids are fine, since I'm working overtime on it)
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Nina Rosalia Childress Oh thank god
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SunSea Temple SanCarlos-bytheSea as for Las Cruces - Dona Ana, Tomorrow morning? not a clue.. hmm no van here. Got three kids tagging along. Everything will be alright. I have faith since you have faith.
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<2015Jny31>FILE DOCUMENT: shylah-macrocandy-land








<2015Feb17>FILE DOCUMENT: intlkidnapping
This is to provide facts and information for the legal report on this situation.  It is available for any and all Law Enforcement and those with a responsibility to Justice and Peace.  It is furnished by Peter Tasciotti, the father of the minor child, Shylah Kyyboa Tasciotti.  It contains the pertinent and true facts regarding Shylah and her mother, the Israeli citizen, former military commander, Tamar Elhayani, to be best of my recollection and knowledge.  All of the statements can and will be verily  corroborated by the government and public record, and by various witnesses, under oath. 
"Office of Children's Issues at the U.S. Department of State: Country officers are available to speak with you Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  For assistance with an abduction in progress or any emergency situation that occurs after normal business hours, on weekends, or federal holidays, please call toll free at 1-888-407-4747.  International parental child abduction is crime in every State and the District of Columbia under specified circumstances. International parental child abduction is also a federal crime under the International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act (IPKCA)."
    There is no question about "possible" abduction in this instance.  On Sept.11, 2012, my young daughter who was 6 years old (now 8 y.o.) was already abducted, taken out of the U.S. from El Paso, Texas airport and was then shuffled around to at least 10 different locations with her mother in Israel for about 2 total years, until I was able to travel there and locate them.
    There is no question that Tamar is now trying to ruin my life so that I cannot defend my rights and the rights of Shylah.  Tamar knows that I do not want Shylah removed from the U.S.  But Tamar does not care, she wants it her way, as she has done all throughout the past.  She wants to be the only parent with any say.
    On Feb.12, I started lease on a new residence at Tingley St. for myself and my daughter, and also my adult son, Sam, when he returns from visiting relatives (we will re-apply for the original 3 bedrooom apt. we wanted).   The only problem is that Shylah's mother - Tamar suddenly entered into the U.S. with "expired status", yet she does not want to cooperate with me and refuses to live at Tingley, which she calls repeately "a ghetto"!
    Tamar arrived Feb.15, at about 6:30pm unannounced, driving in with the vehicle of friend, Larry.  He also witnessed that she began arguing and being loud in the parking lot.  I decided not to let her in because I felt threatened and that there was no reason to allow her into the premises.  I think she was jealous of what I gained.  They left within 5 minutes.
    She again arrived Feb. 16, at about 4:30pm unannounced, banging at the door and then at the windows!  I looked out and saw that it was her with my daughter. I opened the door to greet Shylah.  I offered her something to drink and eat and we hugged.  At this point, I did not know how or why they showed up?  But her mother proceeded to barge in and run around the house!  She was throwing things around.  She was demanding the EBT card in my name.  She was making threats and waving her fists at me in every room!  She then went into the fridge.  She started pulling food out and putting it into her pocketbook!  She lifted out two full jars of jelly and shook it, aiming at my head.  So I was backing away and telling her to stop and to leave us. I had be trying to tell Shylah she could stay for awhile.   She then became very angry with me and said she wanted me to lose everything and nobody likes me.  She said I was a "fraud".  She said she wanted me to die!  She picked up my boots and tried to hit me in the head and I threw out my hands in front to block her, dropping my walking cane.  She then grabbed my cane and swung it over her head, to hit me with it.  I told her she better leave.  After that, she was going out the door.  Shylah also was dragged along with her. 
    I then went to try to find a ride to the police station to file a report that I do not want her coming over anymore.  Larry gave me a ride there by 6pm and there was nobody at the police station after-hours.  So eventually I called 911 to find out more info.
Our marriage Nov.2004 (2 days prior to Tamar Elhayani's tourist Visa expiring).
At least once, sometimes twice each year, from then on, Tamar moves out of our residence to move in with another man or into a hostel.  (I thought it was strange too, but I become too tolerant of the unusual behavior)
Dec.2004 moves in with Israeli man, Reuel in Brooklyn.  Then refuses my visit at the end of the year.  But we have to file immigration papers so she can legally be renewed for staying in the U.S.
Eventually she agrees to move in with me if I get apt. in Park Slope neighborhood. When we have apt. she then asks me to get out and stay away for at least 2 weeks.  When I come back and learn that she has to go stay with a boyfriend Alon at his hotel in Manhattan for awhile.
In Sept. I give up apt. and live upstate at my parents for a short time.  She visits for Thanksgiving but storms out, dragging her suitcase.
January 2006 she visits me after living at a hostel for several months and much partying, to tell me she is pregnant and wants to get an abortion.  I disagree with the plan.  I advise her to move into my new house.  Eventually she agrees and in Feb.2006 we are making the plans to welcome Shylah.
The immigration process takes a long time, even with the attorney we had hired (at Tamar's insistence)  and when we finally have our final meeting at the downtown NY office, Tamar actually starts going into labor on the train leaving NY.  Infant Shylah is born at home Aug. 17, 2006
Mother and daughter and father travel to Israel in July 2007.
At U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in March 2008, we have to obtain a new U.S. passport for Shylah in order to leave Israel and re-enter U.S.  We already were refused passage on the original departing flight. 
Jan. 2009 Tamar takes Shylah to Costa Rica without my permission.  She moves in with her boyfriend, Christian briefly, then goes to live on beach with other people.  She also meets with director Mel Gibson, who asks her to move in, which she refuses.
June 2009 they fly back to Miami, with my flight arrangements.
June 2010 we move to a resort town, San Carlos in Mexico to work in Tourism possibly.  In July, she moves into house of an ex-pat David (last name?)
Oct. 2010 she claims to have to go to Israel for a visit with her "dying" father.  I take her with Shylah to Tucson airport. They never make it, then go to NYC and eventually move into a hostel.  I discover them there in Jan. 2011.
Feb.2011 we travel to Truth or Consequences to visit and then travel to Mexico to work in tourism.  But she starts working with a local family and flirting with Lance Hoffman who wants to marry her.  She decides to obtain housing and signs a lease in July 2011.
In the summer, she is dating some man who works for Ted Turner.  Also some time in the late spring or summer, she works for the family of Tom Pestak, before his wife dies.   Starting in Oct.2011, sometimes she moves in and stays over with another man, Garland  who lives in Red Bone Cafe.
Mar.2012 she ends housing contract on Coleman street.  She travels back to live with me in Mexico for a few months.
June 2012 she moves in with a man Michael Wilson in Monticello.  Apparently she tries to have a child with him after a less than a week.
Sept.10 she informs me (crying) she is in a fight with Michael and needs a ride immediately to airport in El Paso to fly to Israel - this time she says her father is "near death".  She promises she has a return flight in Nov.2012 and she and Shylah will return to see me then.  I gullibly agree, because I did not take the time to research how to protect my parental rights.
I ended up not seeing my daughter for about TWO WHOLE YEARS.
When I finally went to Israel to find out where they were, it was July 2014.  I had managed to save the funds and made the plan.  But when I arrived, no one was there to greet me.  She had left town with my daughter - to go to some wedding of people she did not know, in the faraway mountains.  It was a defining moment.  So two days after I arrived in her home country, I see my daughter when they return.  It is a happy reunion.  Unfortuntely, another thing is going on, both mother and daughter are infested with colonies of head lice.  I insist and advise her to deal with it, instead of letting it fester, as she has been doing for more than a year.
I was told how many places and how many men she had lived with in the 23 months.  She had not managed to settle down (which is typical).
She did host me in her small apt. for the following 3 months.  We tried to negotiate an agreeable plan.  I explained that Shylah needed to return to the U.S. again to get education and experience in American culture.  She did not want to allow it at first, but I insisted that Shylah is always in American first.  After a long debate process, she said it should be a brief trip and she would take her back to Israel afterwards.  I responded that we should try to succeed in U.S. until deciding to go back to Israel - it may take 6 months to a Year.  We compromise and make flexible arrangements about the overall plans.
In Nov.11, 2014, I traveled with Shylah back to the U.S.  We arrived in Los Angeles and we travel by land to Truth or Consequences, NM.
I realized my financial situation in very unstable after all the travelling and I apply for social service assistance.  I proceed to take Shylah to a basic medical check-up.  She is doing well except for one problem.  The Doctor confirms she has a bad case of lice infestation.  I then work hard every day for about a month to get rid of the problem.
I also decide after December 2014 to apply for housing assistance for myself and Shylah.  About a week ago, I am informed that I will be offered a residential unit.  So for the first time in my life, I will receive government housing for low income individuals.
About two weeks ago, she slipped back into the U.S. and at every twist and turn since that day, she refuses to cooperate.  Her stated plans change each day.  One day she will be running to Israel immediately, the next day, she is saying that she will stay in the U.S. for a few months?  Currently in middle Feb 2015, she is working on a plot to lie, deceive, and manipulate my arrest, in order to have a clear opening to get out of the country again with my daughter and has stated repeatedly, that she will never return and never allow Shylah to be raised as an American.
Since she came back and was rejoined with us, she did not care at all about my arrangements or plans. She instantly absconded with Shylah and brought her to the residence of Garland, who lives in another house, with his adult son Josh.  I had been caring for my daughter since Nov.11, 3 months, until again the disturbing influence of her mother's chaotic plans.  Now her mother has unlawfully taken over. 
It is my intention to file for divorce (for Adultery and Irreconcilable differences), gain custody, and continue living in the U.S. with my American-born daughter and sons.  I need legal assistance, because I would not allow Shylah to be kidnapped again and be kept in Israel.  I feel that it is better for her to focus on growing up in America, at least until she is 18 years old. 
(con't.) ...Your decision about whether to pursue criminal charges against the taking parent is a difficult one that should be made through consultation with your legal representative and in consideration of its potential impact on other aspects of your efforts to secure your child’s return.  The Office of Children’s Issues can provide information about U.S. laws that make parental abduction a crime, resources for how to pursue a criminal warrant, and observations about some of the potential consequences of such an action based on knowledge of the laws and/or practices in the country to which your child has been abducted.  We cannot, however, recommend a specific course of action or guarantee a specific outcome.
Depending on the circumstances, criminal charges filed against the taking parent can either help or hinder the successful return of your child.  Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and to obtain legal advice from an attorney before making the decision that you believe is best for your child.  The purpose of a criminal warrant is to authorize law enforcement officials to apprehend and present the taking parent for prosecution.  Your child is not subject to the warrant, which means that successful apprehension of the taking parent will not necessarily result in the return of your child.  It can, however, serve as a negotiation tool since the taking parent may agree to voluntarily return the child in exchange for leniency or dropped charges.
The existence of criminal charges may also negatively impact a foreign court’s decision about whether to order or deny your child’s return under the Hague Abduction Convention.  Although the Hague Abduction Convention pertains to children, not to their taking parents, in practice many judges are reluctant to order a return if the taking parent cannot accompany the child back to the United States.  If the judge hearing the Hague Abduction Convention case is aware the taking parent faces arrest upon arrival, the judge may deny the return or order it only if the criminal charges are dropped.  While you may request withdrawal of criminal charges against the taking parent, only the entity which issued the charges and/or a judge has the authority do so and may not agree to your request.
You will need to consider your goals and the implications criminal charges may have for you and your child.  The prosecutor, the laws of the country where your child is located, and the taking parent’s behavior will all have an effect on how successful criminal charges are in securing your child’s return. Understanding these considerations may help you predict whether criminal charges can be an effective option for you and your child.
Pros and Cons of Pressing Criminal Charges:
Pros  The process of filing criminal charges may help you locate your child. 
    A criminal charge will potentially facilitate cooperation from foreign law enforcement authorities by authorizing issuance of an INTERPOL red notice.
    If the taking parent is a U.S. citizen, criminal warrants can serve as justification to revoke his or her passport, thus limiting subsequent international travel and potentially creating obstacles for his or her ability to remain legally in a foreign country.
    Public awareness of the successful prosecution of a taking parent may deter others from abducting their children.
Cons  An outstanding criminal charge may deter a voluntary or negotiated return if a taking parent believes that he or she may be arrested when they return to the United States.
    Criminal charges may adversely affect Hague return proceedings.  Some judges may refuse to order a child's return if there is a warrant for the taking parent's arrest.
    Criminal charges may encourage a taking parent to go deeper into hiding to avoid arrest. This is especially true when the taking parent has family or deep ties to the community.
    The arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of the taking parent could be emotionally damaging for the child.
    The goals of the criminal justice system to arrest a taking parent may be in conflict with your wishes, and once initiated, the prosecutor has control of any and all criminal proceedings.  How these proceedings develop will be out of your hands.
Begin by Contacting Law Enforcement
When your child is missing you should immediately report the abduction to law enforcement.  Law Enforcement should respond immediately, and enter your child into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person Database.  The initial response from law enforcement could determine whether or not a child is quickly and safely recovered. 
Entering your child into NCIC does not automatically initiate criminal proceedings against the taking parent.  It is best to consult with an attorney before you decide to pursue criminal charges.  Depending on your State laws, law enforcement may require that you have a custody order, before seeking criminal warrants.  HELPFUL HINT: We recommend that you keep a record of all your correspondence with all parties you interact with, including law enforcement.  Note as well the names of the people you speak to, the dates and times of the conversations, and the information provided.
    Your Local Police: Most international abductions are first reported to your local police.  If they pursue warrants, your local police (in coordination with the local prosecutor) may seek issuance of a warrant based on your state’s criminal parental kidnapping laws.  You may also want to arrange to meet with your local prosecutor’s office to understand law enforcement’s considerations for moving forward, and to advocate for your case.
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): You may also report your case directly to the FBI at the field office nearest your home.  If possible, you should also consider meeting with the Assistant U.S. Attorney to discuss the possibility of pursuing federal criminal charges against the taking parent.  The FBI may decide to treat the abduction as a felony under the International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act.  Visit their website for more information.
    HELPFUL HINT:  Many law enforcement professionals have limited experience with parental child abduction cases and specifically, with procedures in international parental abduction cases.   The Office of Children’s Issues can provide resources and communicate with law enforcement officials about the federal laws that will authorize them to assist you.
Criminal Warrants
    Coordinated Effort:  Successful resolution of international parental child abduction cases through use of criminal charges required a coordinated effort among federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities.  In some cases, U.S. law enforcement will also enlist the help of Interpol and foreign law enforcement authorities to carry out an investigation.
    Foreign Police, Customs, and Laws:  Be aware that parental abduction is not a crime in most countries, and this can hinder efforts to prosecute a taking parent.  Other factors that may obstruct the process are local customs as they relate to religion, gender, nationality, and other factors.
    Foreign Criminal Charges: You should always consult an attorney in the foreign country if you intend to pursue foreign criminal charges against the taking parent.  In some countries, you may be able to pursue the prosecution of the taking parent by the authorities of the country where the child is found.  In many countries, citizens can be prosecuted for crimes committed abroad if the act is a criminal offense under local law; however, parental abduction is rarely considered a crime outside of the United States.

Had created my own personal checks for giving money to Michelle and Tamarhgaleah










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<2015Oct26>FILE DOCUMENT: browser-Chrome history of visited websites

Monday, October 26, 2015 7:33 PM
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Practice Perfect CROW Pose strength endurance balance Yoga Fit Hotness for Sexy Body Mind Spirit - YouTube
⦁    10:31 AM
Adoring Lady films Her sExy Man in Hot Tub Yoga Fit Hotness for Sexy Body Mind Spirit - YouTube
⦁    10:31 AM
In Your 30s or Older WATCH this! Otherwise U wont Understand? Yoga Man Mastery - YouTube
⦁    10:31 AM
Mastery Energy Ecstasy - YouTube
⦁    10:31 AM
⦁    10:30 AM
Chewbacca Shootout Star wars western - YouTube
⦁    10:30 AM
⦁    10:30 AM
Alert: Hurricane Patricia impacting Mexico - YouTube
⦁    10:30 AM
322 KPH wind Strongest Hurricane ever Recorded! Patricia Makes Landfall! - YouTube
⦁    10:30 AM
Earthquake: Afghanistan Pakistan rocked by 7.5, death Toll 46 - YouTube
⦁    10:30 AM
Enternet GLOBAL - YouTube
⦁    10:29 AM
Global discussion Welcome to Youtube again - YouTube
⦁    10:19 AM
⦁    10:19 AM
Upload - YouTube
⦁    10:19 AM
BREAKING: 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Afghanistan; Death Toll Continues to Rise (UPDATED) | Mediaite
⦁    10:19 AM
Yoga-Beach Workout Water-resistance Training & Wet Hair-flip! Fitness for Sexy Body Mind Spirit - YouTube
⦁    10:18 AM
HOT girl BIKINI yoga Workout ep.4 - YouTube
⦁    10:17 AM
Fit Hiker Mom speaks Ancient Tongue Tribal Languages Yoga Fit Hotness for Sexy Body Mind Spirit - YouTube
⦁    10:17 AM
Mastery Energy Ecstasy - YouTube
⦁    9:23 AM
breaking - Google Search
⦁    9:21 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
⦁    9:20 AM
Strong earthquake hits near Afghanistan-Pakistan border -
⦁    9:20 AM,d.cGU
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:19 AM
⦁    9:18 AM
⦁    9:18 AM
⦁    9:18 AM
⦁    9:18 AM
⦁    9:18 AM
⦁    9:17 AM
⦁    9:17 AM
⦁    9:17 AM
breaking news - Google Search
⦁    9:17 AM
⦁    9:17 AM,d.cGU
⦁    9:17 AM
Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015 9:57 AM,21.64,3000
⦁    9:53 AM
earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions


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