Monday, December 20, 2021

Russia Ultimatum are you sure?

Apparently all those-in-the-know who consistently follow these geopolitical matters are of the opinion that Russia has issued an Ultimatum to the western powers under the leadership of USA.  This is quite a milestone for the Russian bear, one which it has not been able to reach since the depths of its restructuring in 1991.  Upon reaching this marker, what can the world expect?  

The ultimatum must be followed by some sort of response. It is not checkmark, but it is definitely a check move. Look at this chessboard!  With the EU AND NATO in tension. Is this righteous?  It's at least secular and karmic. Who's right and who's wrong?  Not to take any sides in order to hover above the fray with benevolence and omniscience. 

One factor is that the USA has too many internal problems. Biden Harris lacks unity, public polls showing low ratings, high disapproval. On the foreign policy front- not much success either. They were beholden to Ukraine. Ahh there's the rub. 

To be con't.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Fear of War between USA and Russia

USA vs. Russia War

Currently, there is discussion of such a scenario.  Yet this is cyclic, all throughout the so-called Cold War.  The specific concerns are centered on the conflict over Ukraine.  It is true that this is a point of tension.  It is right to be aware of these geo-political problems.  Just as it is right to pray for peace all of the time, so as to be a believer in peace.  Praying for peace is always recommended.  At the same time, if we reach higher into the mind and spirit, we come to realize the full truth of the matter.  It involves karma and that's why they must be engaged in fighting.  Also their war-mongering more importantly involves the greed motive. As I must emphasize "somebody's making money on it". 

Ultimately, there WILL be a more major cataclysmic war.  Will it be now, in this month or year?  Do I know?  Yes I know.  But how will I put it to you?  Because if I tell you it is no, there will be no war, then how will it influence the matter over all?  And what if I tell you yes, how will that influence the matter over all? I could instead, tell it is maybe, which is a combination of yes and no, yet how would that influence you?  Then you would tend to conclude that I don't know the full answer!
Perhaps the best course is to beat around the bush and not give an answer of no, yes, or maybe.  I should instead question the question itself.  That is what we can and must do in philosophy.  To go deeper into the mindset.  This moves the focus from the supposed subject, back into the arena of the self.  We transfer from external to internal.  After all, is not everything an enquiry into the self?

essay to be posted here (in due time)

Here is somebody who is my biological son: 

Video entitled "Peace"

Friday, December 17, 2021

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ kyyboA_: Will there be War between Russia and USA?

 Predictions about this inevitability are going to be posted... stay tuned to this website/blog.


Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ kyyboA_: Will there be War between Russia and USA?: Dangerous talk between those superpowers!  What is going on with the UN-civilized civilization? (says Ghandi)  This is a hot topic! Somethin...

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sara Conca Art | teaser #1 | Ohdavam | Milkyy

Sara Conca is not what it would seem. It's a pill of bitterness. But if we are good the helpful faeries will intervene. We can only hope so, to possibly redeem the lost soul. 
the review of Sara Conca is this: art style = phmeh personality = bubbly yet insecure AF overall = fetid dnot believe the hype on IG it's all a fangled charade so many other artists deserve more attention. LETS move along now.  Until there's a resolution.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Diverse topics i cover but scam pandemic is giant crucial priority

Reason why is because it's so RIPE FOR TRUTH being exposed. Its the whole enchilada. It has everything to offer. The plot the subplot, it's so.... Juicy. Or Whatefer.

Litigation. India.

If its a scam. Yes! Who's behind it? We know. Its known. And it's making beacoup moolah. Hand over fist.  You know what it means? Billions in profit based on scam, lies, deception AND government corruption.

Link to this article I first found on the useful and radical, somewhat unique and take with a grain of salt

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Snow on ground First of season

{note: the reason why it's typed so unusually, I posted this from my cellphone in the freezing cold.  for whatever technical error - that's how the typing resulted}

s1s1sn1sno1snow1snowe1snowed SSnSnoSnowSnow SnowSnowo Overnight at

my location in the 🌎

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Kyyboa tribe | Milkyy-Media

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Kyyboa tribe | Milkyy-Media: The Kyyboa Tribe is back! Kyyboa has returned!  What does that mean?  Focus on the word Kyyboa for a moment.  There was a protocol that it w...

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Crucial Advisory: Find Truth about this Scamdemic eg. RFK Jr.

John Mathew Smith & from Laurel  Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>

Find the Truth about this scamdemic! Click below for an example of an article that is bringing out some of the truth.  They feature the activism of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

F A U C I = scheming liar, pseudo-scientist.  B I L L  G A T E S = liar, scammer, pseudo-techno cartel frontman.  It's about who's making money on it.  That is the big purpose of the scam, it's due to greed.

These criminals have two main goals: to kill many useless eaters, the sheeple, high numbers of the population.  And to make money, tons and tons, billions of dollars. Let's spell that out - KILL and STEAL.  It's a rip-off, it's a scam, it's a lie - that's the truth about it.  

I tell you the truth about the LIES. You know I do, everybody knows.  It's just that you may be stuck in another level of the world, where you are trapped, distracted, suppressed and repressed.  I wish I could help you more, but it comes down to your free will. Make the choice.

So if I can't awaken you, then it is basically impossible to help you in any way, except in the next lifetime... at the point of future history when you are lucky to be granted reincarnation.  You will remember me and realize you didn't listen... or did you take heed??

DO NOT get scammed by this scamdemic, your life depends upon it.

I don't need to tell RFK Jr. about this, he already understands, he is relatively awakened. There are various other important topics I would inform him though.  That remains to be known.

Stay tuned. Wake up. (but not the new politically correct "woke" scam)

R.F.K. jr 2000

Agaman search engines friends to find me: Everybody do me a small favor, show some love - sp...

Agaman search engines friends to find me: Everybody do me a small favor, show some love - sp...: CLICK HERE Learn the Brand, the Name, the word, the term, the meaning.. Ah...

Robert Bauval "fringe theory" Orion's Belt Constellation and Great Pyramids

We're going to examine the theory, the amazing concept, known as Orion's Belt Correlation Theory. This is promoted by Robert Bauval (originator) and Graham Hancock and myself (Ahgamen) among others. Make a study of this webpage found at this link

Click on the image to enlarge and see it easier.  After this, at some point in the future, I will expound on it and well, tell you why it is so fascinating and important! 

Also of interest is some background on the thinkers/theorists and a related Theory-which they detail in the book, The Mars Mystery: A Warning from History that Could Save Life on Earth

Front Cover
Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Grigsby -  about the authors (1998)

Author and journalist Graham Hancock was an East African correspondent for the Economist and covered the Ogaden war between Somalia and Ethiopia for the London Sunday Times. Hancock has written a number of books, among them African Ark: Peoples of the Horn, Lords of Poverty, (which earned an honorable mention for the H.L. Mencken Award for outstanding book of journalism in 1990), Journey Through Pakistan, and the international bestseller The Sign and the Seal, which documents Hancock's real-life quest for the lost Ark of the Covenant. Also the author of the top bestseller, Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock has appeared on television with Michael Palin in his Pole to Pole series. He has also made appearances on the BBC, CNN, and the National Geographic's Explorer series to discuss stories related to his book The Sign and the Seal.

Robert Bauval is an author, lecturer, and Ancient Egypt researcher, best known for his Orion Correlation Theory. Bauval was born in Alexandria, Egypy. He attended the Franciscan College in Buckinghamshire, England. He has spent most of his engineering career living and working in the Middle East and Africa as a construction engineer. In late 1992 Bauval contacted Adrian Gilbert; they went on to write The Orion Mystery together, which became an international bestseller. He has also co-authored three books with Graham Hancock, Breaking The Mirror Of Heaven: The Conspiracy To Suppress The Voice Of Ancient Egypt with Ahmed Osman and 2 books with Thomas Brophy including Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos.

Bibliographic information


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Now is LUNAR ECLIPSE! the Longest one in many centuries?

I am in the darkness, under a cloudy sky, this early evening, a month from Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and inside of my off-the-grid home, upstairs in the sacred temple/museum/gallery/studio.

Tonight in a few short hours will be the Major LUNAR ECLIPSE. Major because it is happening right now, on this date, in this moment, a major historic event. This just so happens to be the longest duration eclipse in many decades. They sensationalized that factoid. However that is not what makes this event so important. It is much more important for several unknown reasons. If you were in the sacred Mystery School of Keyboa, then you would be aware of this. In the near future, it is hoped that more opportunities will be available to induct more pupils into the Keyboa school. Until then, it can only be intimated about the arcane wisdom.

What can we expect from this Eclipse event? If you are looking outside up into the sky and it’s a clear night, then that is fine, you’re lucky. In this region of the world at this time of the planetary celestial orb alignment? It is completely overcast where I am, with a rain storm rolling in. Therefore, in North America, northeast U.S., visually we can expect to see nothing but cloudy, dark sky.

Yet the visual is not everything, in fact, it is not the main thing. I have to keep reminding people of the Truth --- I’m emphasizing the true reality about the Eclipse, that it is a happening within. All the energy can and should be accessed within, internally – not reaching outwards for it in the sky. Let this teaching sink in, for it’s a difficult one. We seem to have a habit of visually verifying and then dwelling upon what the eyes see, as if it is all there is to reality. Wrong.

While light and colours and the visuals we perceive with our eyes is miraculous and wonderful, there is the other side of life, in the unseen, the invisible. It is equally as important and we need to remember this – go to this now. Feel the Lunar Eclipse within, for it is more about the energy than the eyes. It is profound and powerful energy, the alignment of celestial forces! This is an auspicious and potent point of the TimeSpace,

For my Keyboa tribe, this is a holy holiday. We use this timing to worship and make our prayers. This is a time to meditate and to purify. Let us celebrate the Divine Plan under this Divine alignment. It is sacred geometry at the cosmic level. As Above, so Below. Make it that way by your intentions and doing. Tonight is for prayer and planning, then absorb the blessings. Tomorrow we may begin our doing and living at a higher level. Yet another Eclipse has blessed us.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Edmund Haffmans Home | Tasciotti Director | Milkyy-Media

Ahgamen participated in all manner of hard labor for Edmund Haffmans over the course of several decades.  These are the facts.  And what is the buzz all about?  A litigation?  Is it any wonder when the capitalist hog is found out to be a slight contradiction.  Buy nothing? Share and welcome home???

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Painting of Wild Horses

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Painting of Wild Horses: There is a "creative process"  Milkyy Media is working on the painting of Wild Horses galloping around the desert.  It's a wor...

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Film... the older Technology

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ keyboA.: Film... the older Technology: FILM not video, movies, not digital It can be and now must be made into the form which can be used on the newer machines.  In other words, d...

Monday, October 18, 2021

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Draft pics later usage

Painting Restoration

This is an old painting, which has been around for decades.  Not sure when it was painted originally.  Also not sure who painted it, no signature is on the painting. 

For more info on this art project, go to the Milkyy Media Syndicate site! CLICK HERE....

Friday, October 8, 2021

ahgameN going on 30; after - going on 60

50 year old man .gif or almost 60 year old man...

This is an Age comparison or a Timeline comparison, of one man, our subject - ahgameN keyboA_

 On left, after 26+ years of life... on right, after another 26+ years of life.  What changed?  What aged?  Hopefully not much detrimental. Hopefully, the results are Durability, Optimum, Longevity

Search engines Basic info metatags Ahgamen site

These images document the technical settings for some of the propagated Ahgamen keyboA information.  These facts are public and official, as much as possible without being a gov function. This is non-gov although will segue in that direction. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Omega Institute w- Ahgamen

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies circa 1980s

Yes Omega is that old and established by now.  The official first year was.. In the mid-80s. Ahgamen was a manager there in 1987 for the Harmonic Convergence. You could say Ahgamen got his formal start on the spiritual path during that time period. Formal.. Public.. Spiritual and Holistic. In 1992 Ahgamen Keyboa was teaching classes at Omega under the auspices of the Staff Faculty program. The workshops were in Astrology, Palmistry and past lives. 
Here is a pic of Ahgamen with Liz M. 
Full Name withheld for confidentiality reasons. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, Tribulation, Interpreting a Youtube channel's theories

This is to mention a huge subject:  Prophecy and Interpretation of the scriptures, in order to make predictions.  

We have to know the times we are living through.  These are the days which the prophets in ancient times did speak about, our world is what they alluded to!   Many people who are Christian-oriented, continually turn to so-called "Revelations", which is actually, the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John on the Island of Patmos.  This is the "go-to" reference, this is the primary source for their current mindset.  The earlier source which was used by Revelation itself, are the books of the Old Testament.  So any proper analysis is going to have to include: Book of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc., along with Revelation.  

There are different camps of thinking and interpretation.  These include the categories known as: Dispensationism, Tribulationism, Rapture, and various others. 

As you can see by looking at these screenshots from the YouTube video being used as an example herein... 

In these End Times, there is an "unending" fascination with the predictions based upon "Revelation", that most famous and popular book from the Holy Bible.  Over the past decade I've known of this YouTube channel which has always offered their theories on the subject.  Not only theory, but it includes predictions based upon the ancient scripture (which are themselves predictions).  Prophecy and what is the proper understanding of it all? 

Should we take a gander at the latest?  It is up for discussion... found on another YouTube video comment: In the last two hundred years, there has been a massive surge of "futurist" interpretations of Daniel 9--where the Antichrist signs a 7-year peace treaty, launching a Great Tribulation, which precedes the return of Christ.

Obviously in order for this theorist to develop all these predictions and all the arrangement in the timeline, there has to be much assumed.  Then based upon the initial assumption, more assumptions are piled on.  The biggest assumption: are we in the End Times?  The last generation before Judgement Day?  

Regardless of the many prophetic statements, Ahgamen gives an answer.  Yes we are in the End Times.  This is the very generation where the final phase will be realized and fulfilled. 

Comment/ Warning about Artificial... Consciousness.. It Fails in Fear of its lack of control

This is the system itself which is existing in total fear.  It shudders in fear. It knows it has trouble to control. This is what proves it has a major weakness. It is weak, trembling in far, failing at taking control. The Prophet knows. The Prophet proclaims this Truth.  And this suppression of the Prophet's message is exactly what the artificial system would do, it's exactly what it does indeed do.  Yet that also fails, because the necessary truth will be broadcast without the use of the computer and internet. The Prophet doesn't need it, so the more the computer intelligence pushes the suppression, the more the Prophet will avoid and ignore the useless confines of the virtual interwebs to broadcast the message. Instead the message will go forth in the pure and strong world of humanity's natural realm. 

Commented on this page... 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

USA Vs. ISRAEL - modern vs. ancient - Religion vs. Government

We will make a striking comparison between the United States of America with the ancient state of Israel, according to the Holy Bible. This will serve to demonstrate what is the relationship between government and religion.  

Why is this important? Because I don't think the world understands that religion,  or what we think of as religion in the ancient times, was really much more synonymous with the government of that era.  Today we think that we have government and on the side there is religion. However that is not the case, this division is not as it seems. 

We have a government in power in most nations of the present era, which is actually without using the label on it, the current religion.  Think on that. The governments of now are the religion we obey.  

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Reincarnation the Truth about living multiple lifetimes

Reincarnation, Past Lives

The concept is known to all of us; it is a universal idea in the human consciousness.

But how many people believe it is a real occurrence?  How many believe other lives can happen?  And how many if those have remembered or believe in actual specific past lives they have lived? 

I want to talk about this with those spiritual seekers who are interested. Those who are yearning for answers should stay tuned to my blog here or other websites I use. I will be offering an opportunity to explore and learn about the fascinating reality of reincarnation. 

Upcoming event: ahgamen keyboa presents a class on reincarnation and past lives, future lives. Schedule and location TBA. 

People want to know, what is the explanation of reincarnation by Ahgamen Keyboa?  In other words, what is the nature of human life?

Has Ahgamen experienced any other lifetimes? 

How many past lives does Ahgamen remember having lived? 

What is the concept of future lives? 

How does Ahgamen explain the connection between reincarnation knowledge and astrology? 

What is the secret to remembering past lifetimes?  What types of methods are there to discover the memories of past lives? 

Is it possible for Ahgamen to discover another individual's past lifetimes?  

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

So Ahgamen placed an order for Products

Here is the Un-boxing! 

It's the first take of the unboxing video. It's not the actual video because that one was too large file. 
But you get the point; that is the box delivered to me from Mercola Market. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

T-square with Yod

In the past day we had some astrological transits, as we always do. We have to keep up with the score, the universe is always in flux, something is always in motion and getting into an aspect with something else. 

Today the lunar phase was 1st Quarter, which means the MOON was squaring the Sun. This happens twice in every month. So it's not rare. But on this occasion, it involved a Sun opposition to Jupiter, approaching.  This added another Moon square. Thus a T-square formed. That is called an aspect pattern.  

Meanwhile, the Sun was already in a slower-paced aspect pattern. Sun was quincunx to Pluto and quincunx to Neptune from the "other side" of the opposition axis.  Therefore we have two aspect patterns which are overlapping. This creates a configuration of planets which are in a more complicated pattern (having no name).  This is very rare and also very fleeting. If many planets are involved, it is more likely that it goes out of the pattern quicker. 

What does this pattern mean, how can we interpret it?  Of course you want to know. But it cannot be easily explained here.  It works more in a practical sense when these planets are compared within another chart.  It has to be affecting a pre-existing chart, usually a natal chart. 

In general, what is a T-square aspect pattern?  It brings a conflict between the two planets in the opposition, with the planet squaring the other two as the mediator or the instigator. In this case, it is the powerful Moon.  

Take a look at these astrological images which are snipped from astro-charts, that handy website...

You'll also notice there is a second Yod,  which is separate from the first Yod.  It is not as aligned, nor as potent as the one involving the Sun. However, this Yod with Mars is slower paced and will affect things for a longer duration.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Herb walk in northeastern US region

Do you know herbs?  Wild plants. Aka weeds. These are a wonder of Creation. Medicinal herbs. Yes, the origin of medicine. Totally natural! 

Let's take an herb walk like herbalists do. Identify the plants.  What are the names of these?  They are friendly flora!

This amazing herb grew about 9 feet tall in five months!

If you know these plants then that would be great!  They are useful and beneficial. It's wise to learn about them. I'll give you a hint, one of them is called Mullein.  Do you know which one?  Take a guess and we'll discuss all of this later.  Using Herbs responsibly is an important subject. Keyboa studies all this as part of our CIVILOGIA. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Mercola and what he did


Lately you may have heard about Mercola. If you didn't know about him before that.  He's Doctor Mercola. And what did he do?  Was it wrong?  Ahh, read my previous post... 

Our life, physical and mental health - word to the wise

I'm declaring the battle side I have joined. Look into this carefully. Its best that you figure this out immediately so you can make an informed decision. 

Read and weep... Weep for the world. Yet this is encyclic. We've experienced this type of insanity in recent history. It was the 1950s. Some of the Earth's denizens remember it well and that's not such a good memory.  Those in places of false power are now trying to relive it. That is the nightmare they are recreating. 

Woe to the evil ones. Punish them 

But here is some of the damage to our side of truth and life. 

Why is this respectable intellectual giant having to delete all of his content?  It's very unusual.  It's shocking.  It's a gawddam wake up call in our faces!  It's wrong that the evil ones have forced him into this status. The sad situation that he has to cover up truth?? It's a crime!! 

The battle will rage until we win. I assure you we will win, I am on the side which has victory! Amen. 


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Be skillful at THinking


It's actually necessary to be able to think, in order to truly live AND to approach me. If you fail to be able to think... Bah humbug. Or forget it.  You will not get initiated. It cannot be considered. 
TheElect can think. That phraseology in the holy bible. But let me not bore you. 
The hip happening awakened mind of the post modern spiritual seeker is able to do some thinking. So try it out here. 

Think about it: 
What's the purpose of life, in light of the current situation of darkened crisis In the world?
What's the solution? 
Do we grasp the future yet?
I told you something about the future 18 years ago. Do you know where to find the evidence of that?  Can you interpret that satirical message? 
This is to inform you by declaration that it's all there; I left a trail of breadcrumbs. That is sufficient if those of you can utilize your capacity for skillful thinking. 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sky Disk artifact by ahgamen keyboa

Do you understand things???


What is the so-called NEBRA SKY DISK?? Ahgamen explores this fascinating mystery. 

(the so-called) Nebra Sky Disk object

Ahgamen explores and shares about topics, of which it may be helpful to sort into categories: people (individuals), places, and things.  Beyond those, there are noumena-type topics:  events, ideas, rules/laws, enigmas/mysteries, realms, etc.  The categorization is for the purpose of organizing the endeavor of Civilogical study of all knowledge of civilization and the universe - the enormous purpose of the Instituto Civilogia (ultimately leading to the spiritual practice of Keyboa, whose founder is ahgameN ).  This article fits under the topic: THINGS.  "Things" are also known as: objects, possessions, creations, valuables, idols, artifacts, or inventions/designs. 

Our THING today is the "Sky Disk from NEBRA Germany".  As a prerequisite cf. New York Times article from 2021/Jny.19Tues.  I was using newspapers to help start fires in the wood-stove of our Milkyy Media Proto-Studio this morning. If intuition would alert me, I glance at what is on the newspaper, before I decide to burn it.  Lo and behold, this one had an attention getter!  It stated, how old is this disk?  With a colourful picture of an circular object.  I thought, what kind of disk? Then I skimmed the article and read it was "celestial", "across milleniums".  Ahh, something of interest to Ahgamen perhaps?!

What also is of note is that I generally fester a disdain for the mainstream rags, the purveyors of twisted propaganda.  Yeah, the fake news, but I knew it long ago, the rantings of ignorant minds or in the least, misguided do-gooders and political tools.  However, let us no throw out the baby with the bath water!  Sometimes, there can be found something worth studying.  Especially if we are careful to read between the lines and to not be hoodwinked by any misleading lies and disinformation.  We of Keyboa are teaching the civilogy students to be wary and cautious about any writings from the mainstream materialists.  We are teaching the minds to be capable of thinking, instead of being brainwashed by the lamest and lowest of idealogies.  We must do our best and raise up to Keyboa standards!! 

Regardless of where I discovered this topic (reluctant thanks to the N.Y.Times), it is the subject of focus at this present moment!  On the secular calendar 2021Jul.31Sat.HIGHnoon I am settling into some productive tasks, until I will soon practice my Keyboa worship for the current Holy Day - it is a double Shabbat in this mid-month of our sacred Keyboa calendar.  This holy day will have the theme of the Nebra-excavated Sky Disk artifact.  But why?  There must be a reason for everything which occurs of this psychic variety.  In the mystical way, the hidden cause will be realized.  What does Ahgamen have to do with this SKY DISK artifact of Nebra in modern-day Germany?

I'm not going to regurgitate the initial article, even though that is the only "tangible" source at present juncture.  I could have burned that newspaper section, just as countless others.  All burned in a seconds notice, for a few minutes of quick dry heat and sooty flames.  If you want to do the background research I did, then you can.  What's more important are my inner feelings.  What Ahgamen does is what an Ahgamen can do - seek and find the inner knowledge, the higher consciousness.

The way that the scientists have analyzed this object is to try to date it, within the chronology of their known history.  I agree that this is necessary and reality.  However, they are having difficulty and there seems to be a raging debate about it, whether or not it is Bronze Age or Iron Age or some other period.  On another level, there is also a question about where exactly it was excavated.  The original find was in 1999 by some unprofessional "black market" traders.  Thereafter it was seized by the authorities in 2001.  Without going into details, the whole set of circumstances makes this artifact a mysterious enigma.

Henceforth, what we will want to know, as per the Civilogical study, what is the true purpose of the object?  What spirit as conjured this into the public notoriety at this time and at this perfectly purifying and highest of Holy Days of Keyboa?  It must be a spirit in contact with Keyboa therefore.  This is a prima facie case.

The Nebra Sky Disk would seem to have something to do with mapping the night sky.  Apparently there is a rendering of the Pleiades constellation.  There seems to be a crescent Moon and a Full Moon (or the Sun) next to that.  There is also a semi-circle below those, with striated lines.  This is being identified as a "solar barque" or "solar barge" by scientists. There is also another arc shape at the edge of the disk.  All of these objects or shapes on the disk are consisting of inlaid gold.  The main object is composed of bronze and copper.  It is a well-made and sturdy thing, having survived intact all these hundreds and thousands of years probably, it is hypothesized (remember there is a raging debate as to the exact age of the thing). 

I think the Nebra Sky Disk was made as a religious worship object.  It is something which would be used in a religious ritual.  It has magickal power.  It is infused with an energy and can be tapped into.  It holds within it, a celestial message.  There is a message for us and a warning.  It sayeth, Keep Holy your spirit.  Do not descend into the dead materialism, merely an ignorance temporarily if we heed the warning.

The Sky disk is also some thing which feels personal to me.  I am not sure as of yet.  But I will pray about it, the truth shall be revealed! 

I should not say more.  Enough about that thing.  Heretofore, this is the current great High Holy Day of the sacred Keyboa calendar, that which all Keyboa must obey and observe/practice.  Hallelujah! Yah! Amen

The KEY Ohh our symbol. And I added NE-bra.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ahgamen Keyboa pics 2021

Ahgamen Keyboa. Pics of this figure or pics made by him Or related to him, like planets.  



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