Monday, January 4, 2021

Washington DC Large gathering of various political persuasions

Starting tomorrow, during the week, there will be protesters gathering in Washington, DC.  Activists of various political persuasions will be either supporting Trump or Biden OR none of the above! 

Will you be there?  Exercise your rights!  It's going to be a memorable historic event.  

Will I be there?  Look for me in the crowd of millions! 

The dates scheduled are January 5 and January 6 and beyond.  2021.  As long as it takes to express the will of the People.

This image added in August 2021 for embellishment 

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  1. Merely some ideas for everybody to consider when facing this current instance; realize whats going on and how these postmodern principalities behave...
    Cui Bono? Figure it out after all these years if you've been observing, especially the absolutely decayed status of MSM legacy presstitutes. All deception. This staged event was a false flag type of psyop. Thus falsely fostering the pretext for discrediting and 25A removal of re-elected POTUS.
    Those state actors, stunning Viking photo op and more, are intelligence agency operatives. This is how color revolutions are conducted. However Trump was not perfect, only the lesser of two evils. In retrospect he may have been the Honeypot to draw in all true Patriots to the political arena. Andto be controlled therein, by the Swamp system.
    When are the people going to wake-up? The government is tyrannical and is part and parcel of the larger global empire which is in the midst of trying to rule over this entire planet basically by a vile cryptotechnocracy economy agenda21 scamdemic.
    Ultimately there is hope, those of us who are spoken of as the great multitude washed clean, will not need deceived. It's very close to the prophesied kingdom and our true righteous benevolent ruler to emerge. Of course you know this is the only solution, as there is a wonderful psalm, he will smash to pieces all nations with a rod of iron when the time arrives.


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