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Sky Disk artifact by ahgamen keyboa

Do you understand things???


What is the so-called NEBRA SKY DISK?? Ahgamen explores this fascinating mystery. 

(the so-called) Nebra Sky Disk object

Ahgamen explores and shares about topics, of which it may be helpful to sort into categories: people (individuals), places, and things.  Beyond those, there are noumena-type topics:  events, ideas, rules/laws, enigmas/mysteries, realms, etc.  The categorization is for the purpose of organizing the endeavor of Civilogical study of all knowledge of civilization and the universe - the enormous purpose of the Instituto Civilogia (ultimately leading to the spiritual practice of Keyboa, whose founder is ahgameN ).  This article fits under the topic: THINGS.  "Things" are also known as: objects, possessions, creations, valuables, idols, artifacts, or inventions/designs. 

Our THING today is the "Sky Disk from NEBRA Germany".  As a prerequisite cf. New York Times article from 2021/Jny.19Tues.  I was using newspapers to help start fires in the wood-stove of our Milkyy Media Proto-Studio this morning. If intuition would alert me, I glance at what is on the newspaper, before I decide to burn it.  Lo and behold, this one had an attention getter!  It stated, how old is this disk?  With a colourful picture of an circular object.  I thought, what kind of disk? Then I skimmed the article and read it was "celestial", "across milleniums".  Ahh, something of interest to Ahgamen perhaps?!

What also is of note is that I generally fester a disdain for the mainstream rags, the purveyors of twisted propaganda.  Yeah, the fake news, but I knew it long ago, the rantings of ignorant minds or in the least, misguided do-gooders and political tools.  However, let us no throw out the baby with the bath water!  Sometimes, there can be found something worth studying.  Especially if we are careful to read between the lines and to not be hoodwinked by any misleading lies and disinformation.  We of Keyboa are teaching the civilogy students to be wary and cautious about any writings from the mainstream materialists.  We are teaching the minds to be capable of thinking, instead of being brainwashed by the lamest and lowest of idealogies.  We must do our best and raise up to Keyboa standards!! 

Regardless of where I discovered this topic (reluctant thanks to the N.Y.Times), it is the subject of focus at this present moment!  On the secular calendar 2021Jul.31Sat.HIGHnoon I am settling into some productive tasks, until I will soon practice my Keyboa worship for the current Holy Day - it is a double Shabbat in this mid-month of our sacred Keyboa calendar.  This holy day will have the theme of the Nebra-excavated Sky Disk artifact.  But why?  There must be a reason for everything which occurs of this psychic variety.  In the mystical way, the hidden cause will be realized.  What does Ahgamen have to do with this SKY DISK artifact of Nebra in modern-day Germany?

I'm not going to regurgitate the initial article, even though that is the only "tangible" source at present juncture.  I could have burned that newspaper section, just as countless others.  All burned in a seconds notice, for a few minutes of quick dry heat and sooty flames.  If you want to do the background research I did, then you can.  What's more important are my inner feelings.  What Ahgamen does is what an Ahgamen can do - seek and find the inner knowledge, the higher consciousness.

The way that the scientists have analyzed this object is to try to date it, within the chronology of their known history.  I agree that this is necessary and reality.  However, they are having difficulty and there seems to be a raging debate about it, whether or not it is Bronze Age or Iron Age or some other period.  On another level, there is also a question about where exactly it was excavated.  The original find was in 1999 by some unprofessional "black market" traders.  Thereafter it was seized by the authorities in 2001.  Without going into details, the whole set of circumstances makes this artifact a mysterious enigma.

Henceforth, what we will want to know, as per the Civilogical study, what is the true purpose of the object?  What spirit as conjured this into the public notoriety at this time and at this perfectly purifying and highest of Holy Days of Keyboa?  It must be a spirit in contact with Keyboa therefore.  This is a prima facie case.

The Nebra Sky Disk would seem to have something to do with mapping the night sky.  Apparently there is a rendering of the Pleiades constellation.  There seems to be a crescent Moon and a Full Moon (or the Sun) next to that.  There is also a semi-circle below those, with striated lines.  This is being identified as a "solar barque" or "solar barge" by scientists. There is also another arc shape at the edge of the disk.  All of these objects or shapes on the disk are consisting of inlaid gold.  The main object is composed of bronze and copper.  It is a well-made and sturdy thing, having survived intact all these hundreds and thousands of years probably, it is hypothesized (remember there is a raging debate as to the exact age of the thing). 

I think the Nebra Sky Disk was made as a religious worship object.  It is something which would be used in a religious ritual.  It has magickal power.  It is infused with an energy and can be tapped into.  It holds within it, a celestial message.  There is a message for us and a warning.  It sayeth, Keep Holy your spirit.  Do not descend into the dead materialism, merely an ignorance temporarily if we heed the warning.

The Sky disk is also some thing which feels personal to me.  I am not sure as of yet.  But I will pray about it, the truth shall be revealed! 

I should not say more.  Enough about that thing.  Heretofore, this is the current great High Holy Day of the sacred Keyboa calendar, that which all Keyboa must obey and observe/practice.  Hallelujah! Yah! Amen

The KEY Ohh our symbol. And I added NE-bra.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ahgamen Keyboa pics 2021

Ahgamen Keyboa. Pics of this figure or pics made by him Or related to him, like planets.  



Friday, July 23, 2021

Solve the World's probems NOW

[this goes with the previous post]  I just posted the astrological transits currently.  And announced that it happens to be one of our Keyboa shabbats / sabbaths. But what does that mean, these days in the post-modern era??

Well, since the post-modern period we are living through - is widely considered as "the END TIMES", anything we do can be a response to this inevitable END!  Most of the people of the world, including probably all of my audience is aware of the End Times and the horrible, crisis situation we are facing.  That sums it up about the post-modern status and I very much BELIEVE that all the karma is coming due, it's payback time.

What can shabbat sabbath do to help?  What is it for anyhow?  

It is a simple and regular remedy.  It is about taking the time to stop from work.  From making money, from paying bills, etc.  Yes the gawdamn money.  Take a break, and the authorities of the world, let us take a break, by giving us a break!  Like a weekly Jubilee... sort of.  But that's another subject.

Shabbat sabbath of the Keyboa, of the spiritual people, under my Ahgamen guidance, is for worship of the Creator and our "Lord".  It is for saying Thank You.  It is for Praising!  It is when I have to acknowledge the ONE WHO SENT ME INTO THIS WORLD.  To do my mission.  To help the human beings.

So keep the Keybo sabbath, the Shabbat, Keep it with me.  If you can.  So you will expect the calendar to be given and learned, to know what time it is, what day it is.  

Just as this moment, is the start of the Keyboa shabbat now.  Give thanks and Praises and prepare for blessings in the new week ahead!


Now/in the moment Keyboa Shabbat begins - Planetary Transits

ACCORDING to our newly-created Keyboa calendar, this is one of the shabbats aka sabbath.  In the scheme of the regular series of our Keyboa shabbats, how does this one rank?  It is a normal regular one, but it is somewhat special.  Because we are able to focus upon it!

The more important shabbats typically are the ones which precede a regular Holy Day or High-Holy Day.  This shabbat does not precede one, therefore it is a regular, singular day of holy rest and worship.

Let's consider the planetary transits, the astrology of the situation!  We of Keyboa call this Chronocosmonomy.  The planets are aligned into two major opposition patterns.  And the main one of these includes the Sun and Moon.  We are approaching a Full Moon in a few hours from now, within this Shabbat.  There you go, that is what makes this shabbat a bit more holy, for this Solar year.  Whenever a FULL MOON coincides on a Shabbat and especially on a HOLY DAY, then it is a double signification. 

These other planetary aspects are also very telling!  The opposition denote a major concentration of intense tension and conflict in the world.  There is a facing off of extremes and opposing ideas are being polarized to the extent that we are very aware of them, no longer under the surface. 

In the second opposition pattern of this moment, Mars and Venus are conjunction.  This is setting u some interesting situations in the world, where the masculine and feminine energies are having to combine, if they can, to confront the energy of Jupiter, other side of the opposition. 


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Astrology talk: Transits now

Astrological transits. Very important to the capable astrologer. The transits right now... Moon 🌙 is waning. I've been watching it rise in the predawn hours, crescent just over our biggest trees on the bluff.  The new moon will be the two luminaries joining in zodiacal Cancer ♋

The significant unique thing about the positions of the planets is a major aspect pattern. This pattern is a T-square type.  It involves the opposition of Saturn vs. Mars and venus, while that opposition is being bisected by Uranus squaring those three. It's one helluva matchup!  It's energized and intense. This is a powerful influence on our world. It's causing so many things at the present time. Conflicts!!!

Remember this is immediately after two very important eclipses.  The period we are living through right now is Biblical proportions. I mean that the situation we are in will be historically major. What's going on presently is a huge new beginning. 

This month has been the germination of new seeds of our spiritual life. The start of a new long cycle, totally new but mixed in with the endings of the past four years, dating back to 2017 Summer. 

I told you here first, this great new science for humanity. In the Aquarian Age and more... For the Keyboa Civilization!  Let's get interested in Chronocosmonomy! 

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