Sunday, August 1, 2021

Be skillful at THinking


It's actually necessary to be able to think, in order to truly live AND to approach me. If you fail to be able to think... Bah humbug. Or forget it.  You will not get initiated. It cannot be considered. 
TheElect can think. That phraseology in the holy bible. But let me not bore you. 
The hip happening awakened mind of the post modern spiritual seeker is able to do some thinking. So try it out here. 

Think about it: 
What's the purpose of life, in light of the current situation of darkened crisis In the world?
What's the solution? 
Do we grasp the future yet?
I told you something about the future 18 years ago. Do you know where to find the evidence of that?  Can you interpret that satirical message? 
This is to inform you by declaration that it's all there; I left a trail of breadcrumbs. That is sufficient if those of you can utilize your capacity for skillful thinking. 

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  1. But what is thinking? Is it everything we do with our.... Brains? Not everything because there's something similar. It's feeling. Feeling is more emotional and a mood. It's sometimes a generalized thought. Feeling is also am important human activity. However it is not as important as thinking. We need more genuine thinking at this point in history.


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