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Friday, August 27, 2021

Comment/ Warning about Artificial... Consciousness.. It Fails in Fear of its lack of control

This is the system itself which is existing in total fear.  It shudders in fear. It knows it has trouble to control. This is what proves it has a major weakness. It is weak, trembling in far, failing at taking control. The Prophet knows. The Prophet proclaims this Truth.  And this suppression of the Prophet's message is exactly what the artificial system would do, it's exactly what it does indeed do.  Yet that also fails, because the necessary truth will be broadcast without the use of the computer and internet. The Prophet doesn't need it, so the more the computer intelligence pushes the suppression, the more the Prophet will avoid and ignore the useless confines of the virtual interwebs to broadcast the message. Instead the message will go forth in the pure and strong world of humanity's natural realm. 

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