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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Our life, physical and mental health - word to the wise

I'm declaring the battle side I have joined. Look into this carefully. Its best that you figure this out immediately so you can make an informed decision. 

Read and weep... Weep for the world. Yet this is encyclic. We've experienced this type of insanity in recent history. It was the 1950s. Some of the Earth's denizens remember it well and that's not such a good memory.  Those in places of false power are now trying to relive it. That is the nightmare they are recreating. 

Woe to the evil ones. Punish them 

But here is some of the damage to our side of truth and life. 

Why is this respectable intellectual giant having to delete all of his content?  It's very unusual.  It's shocking.  It's a gawddam wake up call in our faces!  It's wrong that the evil ones have forced him into this status. The sad situation that he has to cover up truth?? It's a crime!! 

The battle will rage until we win. I assure you we will win, I am on the side which has victory! Amen. 


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