Thursday, January 20, 2022

Cold War renewed | Leading to Hot War?

We were under the impression that the so-called Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States had winded-down after the dismantling of the Soviet empire, into the coalition of Russian states, circa 1991.  Certainly in the years after that until the first years of the Syrian proxy war, it was accepted that the Cold War was over.  With the start of the Syrian conflict, it became clear that Russia was becoming more capable and active on the international geopolitical stage.  This was a relatively short recovery time.  In the past several years, it should have become apparent that the re-activation of the old Cold War has occurred. This is especially proven by the military advancements that Russia and its allies have gained, especially in a well-coordinated Naval organization (as well as Iranian naval arrangements) and in a state-of-the-art air defense system.  Perhaps not so much as the historical "nuclear arms race", this is a renewed Cold War of different proportions.  There is also the aspect of Russian coordination with Chinese power.  On the other side of the coin, we have NATO and UK and USA making its maneuvers to counteract the Russian advances.  These strategic moves as especially apparent in the political and military moves around Belarus, Ukraine and recently Kazakhstan.  Other regions are in the mix, as it is a global chess board. 

My question is this, upon defining this as a Cold War part2, where is it headed?  Is a Hot War to be expected in the future?  How far into the future can we analyze and predict? 

I have the answers, the predictions.  However, we will go at the target in a round-about way.  First, we have to do more analysis on the particulars.  Analysis will have to be conducted regarding the comparisons the the historical period of the late 1950's.  The contemplations of Ahgamen have arrived at the conclusion that this period of the World History is about the rear up again.  

We can start with the years of 1957-1959.  What happened during that time-span, which we will likely relive in the next few years? Look carefully at the domestic situations as well.  What was it like in Soviet Union during that time?  What was it like in the United States?  What was it like in Europe?  What was it like all over the world?  How is it relative to the situation now?  Well there are obviously differences and the newer types of crises.  But what is similar? 

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