Sunday, April 3, 2022 | some of my art

Happens to be, I dabble in art.  Art and visuals (the sensory flesh eye) especially what is conducive to the higher mind and Wisdom.  Art can convey a message.  But movies are also art, art in its traditional and classic definition/connotation is low-technology.  It only includes painting and sculpture, done manually.  Anytime a machine is used, it becomes a different art form, that of the high-tech.

Obviously, in order to show it on the world-wide-web, one has to use high-tech to transfer what is in the physical world, into the virtual world herein.  (from K y y b o a into Keyboa_)  But let's keep this in the proper perspective, aside from the high-tech transference, some of my art is lo-tech.  And it is featured in the website

 Here's the link

I will describe some of the artwork there as being "born in a camera" So that is the hi-tech art.  It's photos and some movie-stills.  Then some of those have been altered with specialFX, thus all of it is certainly digital artwork.  So this portfolio is a mixture of lo-tech and hi-tech.  Possibly to be very clear and gathering the art genres together, I will make a complete and pure collection of all the low-technology art into one new portfolio.  

Obviously, if you want to experience it for real, the only way is to physically actually visit my museum!  Please do.  It's in the Catskill Mountains.  Just getting ready to open soon...

view some art by Ahgamen

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