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Friday, July 23, 2021

Solve the World's probems NOW

[this goes with the previous post]  I just posted the astrological transits currently.  And announced that it happens to be one of our Keyboa shabbats / sabbaths. But what does that mean, these days in the post-modern era??

Well, since the post-modern period we are living through - is widely considered as "the END TIMES", anything we do can be a response to this inevitable END!  Most of the people of the world, including probably all of my audience is aware of the End Times and the horrible, crisis situation we are facing.  That sums it up about the post-modern status and I very much BELIEVE that all the karma is coming due, it's payback time.

What can shabbat sabbath do to help?  What is it for anyhow?  

It is a simple and regular remedy.  It is about taking the time to stop from work.  From making money, from paying bills, etc.  Yes the gawdamn money.  Take a break, and the authorities of the world, let us take a break, by giving us a break!  Like a weekly Jubilee... sort of.  But that's another subject.

Shabbat sabbath of the Keyboa, of the spiritual people, under my Ahgamen guidance, is for worship of the Creator and our "Lord".  It is for saying Thank You.  It is for Praising!  It is when I have to acknowledge the ONE WHO SENT ME INTO THIS WORLD.  To do my mission.  To help the human beings.

So keep the Keybo sabbath, the Shabbat, Keep it with me.  If you can.  So you will expect the calendar to be given and learned, to know what time it is, what day it is.  

Just as this moment, is the start of the Keyboa shabbat now.  Give thanks and Praises and prepare for blessings in the new week ahead!


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