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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Explosive Volatile | Leading to War | Predictions 100% | casus belli

 Predictions published Sep2 come to fruition immediately upon the completion of the Weeklong Tension Sep18-26

 ~ casus belli ~ 

As predicted by Ahgamen in these previous posts, the major acts of war have been conducted: 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

9/18/2022 -- Very large M7.2 (M7.0) earthquake strikes Taiwan -- 3rd lar...

Prediction proves accurate - Ahgamen predictions on this website and Ahgamen-twitter regarding Taiwan Sept. 18

Ahgamen Predictions Sept2022, as published to Twitter and


Saturday, September 3, 2022

September 18-26, 2022 | unfolding of violent explosive events

A global conflict will break out into the open, even more undeniably.  Opposites will face off and violently exchange attacks.  Battle lines are drawn as well, between the powers and the little people.  The mass awakening is unstoppable and earth-shattering.

See below for updates and confirming the predictions... 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Prediction | This will not end well | Explosive and volatile

Upon reaching the Summer night of excess riches overflowing, the Queen of the South emerges again! A Queen of antiquity rediscovered by her King-mentor.  Thence, the minor prophet who had been their son - had been buried with the precious ring.  It is now known what the evil ones did to her in the interim.  They are not what they claim to be, but exposed as the synagogue of Satan. Their time is running short. 

Meanwhile, the United States of America rages and flounders; and with it, the American nation dragged in.. Intertwined and expanding into international arena.  Which means that the return of the U.S.A. "Civil War" is upon this country, yet it will be deflected into a world conflagration.  The first battlegrounds will utilize the arenas of land and cities in Eurasia, including the Middle East and so many disparate places.  More specific, pinpointed dates and locations are to be released in the near future, stay tuned.  If not, stay in total darkness and suffer the consequences of surprise attack.

War, military, geo-political Prediction ~ prophecy. As revealed by Ahgamen keyboA

also on

Beware the Incoming September 18-26 one week of violent unfolding, around the world, a global strife.  When the oppositions abound, with  T-square of the Red planet in Zodiacal Twins, anticipate the most straining of bad news and crisis.  Explosive and volatile.  Those which are strained the most, will surely break asunder.

There is no surprise that this is a prelude to the dark and cold disaster looming.  With merely one short year until the next major cataclysm takes control. 

Building up and down to "the most WORLD-scale war of civil wars".  Not beyond the SEVEN years outlook, from NOW. Prepare for impact.  This will not end well. For the superpower, nor the mortal world of nations. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Georgia Guidestones attack | Bombing | Reactionary protest

Explosion at Historic Georgia Guidestones Prompts Bomb Team Response 39 minutes ago The monument is made up of several granite slabs that are astronomically aligned and inscribed in eight languages. Since it was erected, the Georgia Guidestones have been the center of several stories from conspiracy theorists...what do you think? Bomber targets Georgia Guidestones, large portion of monument destroyed WRBL|34 minutes ago An explosion happened at the Georgia Guidestones, and various law enforcement agencies and a bomb squad attended the call, The Georgia Guidestones Breaking: Someone tried to blow up The Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia Liberty Line|22 minutes ago The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. They feature a set of ten guidelines inscribed on the structure in Mysterious Georgia Guidestones, "America's Stonehenge," Vandalized in Early Morning Explosion The Debrief|53 minutes ago The Georgia Guidestones have long been a source of intrigue due to the content of messages that appear on the monument's large stone columns. Controversial Georgia monument, nicknamed 'America's Stonehenge', damaged by bomb WABE|3 minutes ago A rural Georgia monument that some conservative Christians have criticized as satanic was bombed before dawn on Wednesday, damaging one of four granite panels that some people dubbed "America's Stonehenge. Georgia Guidestones damaged by explosion, GBI says WSPA on|1 hour ago The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said an explosion destroyed the Georgia Guidestones Wednesday near Elberton. According to the GBI, an explosive device GBI investigating explosion at Georgia Guidestones monument 47 minutes ago They say that someone detonated an explosive around 4am Wednesday morning. Picture shows what appears to be rubble at Georgia Guidestones WYFF4 2 hours ago An investigation is underway at the mysterious Georgia Guidestones site after a picture shows what appeared to be rubble at the site. Police investigating explosion at Georgia Guidestones as rumble appears near monument explosion at the sight of the Georgia Guidestones, US. LIVE: Investigation underway after Georgia Guidestones partially destroyed in Elbert County Authorities investigating reported explosion at Georgia Guidestones Georgia Guidestones damaged by bomb, investigation underway WJBF|1 hour ago A rural Georgia monument that some conservative Christians have criticized as satanic was bombed before dawn on Wednesday, damaging one of four granite panels that some people dubbed Explosion destroys part of Georgia Guidestones WTVM on|31 minutes ago Multiple law enforcement agencies and a bomb squad are responding to an explosion at the Georgia Guidestones. The Guidestones, which are located along Highway 77 in Elbert County, are heavily damaged. Georgia Guidestones possibly damaged by explosion, reports say 11Alive on|2 hours ago LIVE: Suspects used explosives to partially destroy Georgia Guidestones WIS TV 2 hours ago Multiple law enforcement agencies and a bomb squad are responding to an explosion at the Georgia Guidestones. The Guidestones, which are located along Highway 77 in Elbert County, are heavily damaged. GBI investigating after part of Georgia Guidestones site destroyed WGXA Macon on|2 hours ago An alleged explosion occurred overnight at the Georgia Guidestones.  Georgia monument that some called satanic damaged by bomb Bangor Daily News|59 minutes ago The enigmatic roadside attraction was built in 1980 from local granite, commissioned by an unknown person or group under the name R.C. Christian. Georgia Guidestones vandalized WGAU| 2 hours ago Residents near the structures off Hartwell Highway report hearing and feeling what are described as explosives around 4 o'clock this morning. Police investigation closes Ga. 77 near Georgia Guidestones Access WDUN|30 minutes ago The Georgia Department of Transportation, in conjunction with local and state law enforcement, has temporarily closed Ga. 77 (Hartwell Highway) in Elbert Counth for a police investigation. SKYFOX over Georgia Guidestones after alleged explosion FOX 5 Atlanta|34 minutes ago SKYFOX flew over the scene and saw one of the pillars reduced to rubble. The top block also appeared to be damaged in the corner that was supported by the demolished block. It's not clear which languages were on the destroyed block.with her equally ridiculous campaign promise to demolish the Georgia Guidestones because they're part ... The Georgia Guidestones, also known as "America's Stonehenge," bear ominous commandments, apparently for the founding of a New World Order after the collapse of our current civilization. More info Visit us! Directore Tasciotti Milkyy is the Brand to follow. Check us out

 Georgia Guidestones explosion: Blast, significant damage reported at monument 27 mins ago GBI investigating after parts of mysterious Georgia monument destroyed by explosive device 46 mins ago The Independent Georgia Guidestones: ‘America’s Stonehenge’ damaged in apparent explosion 14 mins ago FOX 5 Atlanta Authorities investigating reported explosion at Georgia Guidestones 2 hours ago Georgia guidestones on Twitter Profile picture for WJBF The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the Georgia Guidestones monument near Elberton was damaged by an explosive device. Twitter · 2 mins ago There was an explosion last night at the GA Guidestones, damaging them. I’m not making any accusations, but a Republican candidate for Governor previously pledged to demolish them because they were “satanic.” Twitter · 6 mins ago Profile picture for Fox5NY Law enforcement agencies are investigating a reported explosion that caused "significant" damage to the controversial Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County.… Twitter · 8 mins ago Profile picture for Jeff Amy Meanwhile in Elberton, someone blew up part of the Georgia Guidestones before dawn Wedneday after Kandiss Taylor campaigned on destroying them in her GOP gubernatorial campaign.… Twitter · 8 mins ago Profile picture for FOX Carolina News Here's an aerial view showing the aftermath of the bomb detonated at the Georgia Guidestones. (credit: Dustin Jon-Bryant Ayers) Twitter · 11 mins ago Profile picture for WIS News 10 The Georgia Guidestones have been called “America’s Stonehenge.”… Twitter · 13 mins ago Profile picture for Peter Biello Peter Biello @PeterBiello I'm new to Georgia and this is how I learned about the #GeorgiaGuidestones. @gpbnews is looking into its partial destruction… Twitter · 29 mins ago Profile picture for Jennifer Bellamy Jennifer Bellamy @JBellamyTV Georgia Guidestones damaged by explosive device, GBI says - The Georgia Guidestones are inscribed with ten guiding principles, each etched in stone using languages from around the world.… Twitter · 32 mins ago Profile picture for wtoc11 wtoc11 @WTOC11 Multiple law enforcement agencies and a bomb squad are responding to an explosion at the Georgia Guidestones. Profile picture for WYFF News 4 WYFF News 4 @wyffnews4 Media posted by WYFF News 4 Authorities are investigating after an apparent explosion at the Georgia Guidestones, which sit on a site 7 miles north of Elberton on Georgia Highway 77 and are often referred to as an American Stonehenge. Twitter · 42 mins ago Profile picture for GA Bureau of Investigation GA Bureau of Investigation @GBI_GA (1/3) The GBI and Elbert County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an explosion that destroyed the Georgia Guidestones near Elberton, GA. The preliminary information indicates that unknown individuals detonated an explosive device at around 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6th. Twitter · 42 mins ago Profile picture for Destiny Chance WYFF Destiny Chance WYFF Possible explosion at site of Georgia Guidestones via @FacebookWatch Twitter · 1 hour ago Profile picture for Cameron McWhirter Cameron McWhirter @cammcwhirter Here's my story from May on the #Guidestones: "The state tourism board calls the Georgia Guidestones 'family friendly.' Some onlookers, though, see the monument as a possible road map of a coming Apocalypse." 2/2… Twitter · 1 hour ago Profile picture for Buck Lanford Buck Lanford @BuckFOX5 Reports of a ‘boom’ near the mysterious Georgia Guidestones in Northeast Georgia, near Elberton… Twitter · 1 hour ago Profile picture for Kandiss Taylor Kandiss Taylor @KandissTaylor God is God all by Himself. He can do ANYTHING He wants to do. That includes striking down Satanic Guidestones. Twitter · 2 hours ago Profile picture for WSB-TV WSB-TV @wsbtv Local media outlets are reporting that parts of the Georgia Guidestones appear to have tumbled.… Twitter · 2 hours ago View on Twitter Georgia Guidestones - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia› wiki › Georgia_Guidestones The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the ... Georgia Guidestones possible explosion - WYFF 4 › article › georgia-guidestones-... 40 minutes ago

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Enki | Keyboa_

 Enki !

  Who is Enki?  It is a shame that the modern world has all but forgotten Enki.  Yet Enki has not forgotten himself.  Enki is alive and well.  You're going to find out. 
Archaelogy finds clay artworks, which depict the ancient myths 
"Enki" is also known as "Ea"


Thursday, June 2, 2022

new pageS about Keyboa_ created

[pages are different than posts, possibly more important, even though I haven't created many pages]  

    2 New pages about Keyboa emerging and revealing long hidden secrets. what is Keyboa_  Keyboa. people, figures, characters, others

Friday, April 29, 2022

Prophecy has been confused! Clouds? Two Messengers declared "Do NOT Look at the Clouds for Second Coming of Jesus Christ"

You were told the wrong interpretation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, referring to the CLOUDS of the BOOK of ACTS, and other passages in Matthew, Luke, Hebrews... You have been confused and this is as expected, until the proper timing.  Now let's gain the right interpretation.

Therefore when Jesus Christ returns he must come back from the earth as he is being watched by disciples, and he will come back as he blesses his disciples. One thing Jesus absolutely did not do as he was being watched leaving was:    go into heaven in a cloud.  

Look at the fluffy little clouds, but don't get confused!


Did NOT Jesus Christ a/k/a Yahshua give a clear and firm teaching about Heaven?? Yes he did! Jesus Christ proclaimed as did John the Baptist"that heaven is at hand".  At hand is not in the sky.  And clouds do not mean clouds in the atmosphere.  Clouds in the O.T. had meant a large unified mass of witnesses gathered around.  Or it means "the status of being hidden, to hide". 



The concept of "heaven" and where exactly is heaven, what is it?  This is a whole other discussion.  This is very deep theology and indeed the cosmology of the Universe.  We can get into that in this brief article, later on we will explore Heaven and comparison of "Kingdom of Heaven" versus "Kingdom of God", are they the same or overlapping to what degree?


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Fear of War between USA and Russia

USA vs. Russia War

Currently, there is discussion of such a scenario.  Yet this is cyclic, all throughout the so-called Cold War.  The specific concerns are centered on the conflict over Ukraine.  It is true that this is a point of tension.  It is right to be aware of these geo-political problems.  Just as it is right to pray for peace all of the time, so as to be a believer in peace.  Praying for peace is always recommended.  At the same time, if we reach higher into the mind and spirit, we come to realize the full truth of the matter.  It involves karma and that's why they must be engaged in fighting.  Also their war-mongering more importantly involves the greed motive. As I must emphasize "somebody's making money on it". 

Ultimately, there WILL be a more major cataclysmic war.  Will it be now, in this month or year?  Do I know?  Yes I know.  But how will I put it to you?  Because if I tell you it is no, there will be no war, then how will it influence the matter over all?  And what if I tell you yes, how will that influence the matter over all? I could instead, tell it is maybe, which is a combination of yes and no, yet how would that influence you?  Then you would tend to conclude that I don't know the full answer!
Perhaps the best course is to beat around the bush and not give an answer of no, yes, or maybe.  I should instead question the question itself.  That is what we can and must do in philosophy.  To go deeper into the mindset.  This moves the focus from the supposed subject, back into the arena of the self.  We transfer from external to internal.  After all, is not everything an enquiry into the self?

essay to be posted here (in due time)

Here is somebody who is my biological son: 

Video entitled "Peace"

Friday, August 27, 2021

Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, Tribulation, Interpreting a Youtube channel's theories

This is to mention a huge subject:  Prophecy and Interpretation of the scriptures, in order to make predictions.  

We have to know the times we are living through.  These are the days which the prophets in ancient times did speak about, our world is what they alluded to!   Many people who are Christian-oriented, continually turn to so-called "Revelations", which is actually, the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John on the Island of Patmos.  This is the "go-to" reference, this is the primary source for their current mindset.  The earlier source which was used by Revelation itself, are the books of the Old Testament.  So any proper analysis is going to have to include: Book of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc., along with Revelation.  

There are different camps of thinking and interpretation.  These include the categories known as: Dispensationism, Tribulationism, Rapture, and various others. 

As you can see by looking at these screenshots from the YouTube video being used as an example herein... 

In these End Times, there is an "unending" fascination with the predictions based upon "Revelation", that most famous and popular book from the Holy Bible.  Over the past decade I've known of this YouTube channel which has always offered their theories on the subject.  Not only theory, but it includes predictions based upon the ancient scripture (which are themselves predictions).  Prophecy and what is the proper understanding of it all? 

Should we take a gander at the latest?  It is up for discussion... found on another YouTube video comment: In the last two hundred years, there has been a massive surge of "futurist" interpretations of Daniel 9--where the Antichrist signs a 7-year peace treaty, launching a Great Tribulation, which precedes the return of Christ.

Obviously in order for this theorist to develop all these predictions and all the arrangement in the timeline, there has to be much assumed.  Then based upon the initial assumption, more assumptions are piled on.  The biggest assumption: are we in the End Times?  The last generation before Judgement Day?  

Regardless of the many prophetic statements, Ahgamen gives an answer.  Yes we are in the End Times.  This is the very generation where the final phase will be realized and fulfilled. 

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