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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Fear of War between USA and Russia

USA vs. Russia War

Currently, there is discussion of such a scenario.  Yet this is cyclic, all throughout the so-called Cold War.  The specific concerns are centered on the conflict over Ukraine.  It is true that this is a point of tension.  It is right to be aware of these geo-political problems.  Just as it is right to pray for peace all of the time, so as to be a believer in peace.  Praying for peace is always recommended.  At the same time, if we reach higher into the mind and spirit, we come to realize the full truth of the matter.  It involves karma and that's why they must be engaged in fighting.  Also their war-mongering more importantly involves the greed motive. As I must emphasize "somebody's making money on it". 

Ultimately, there WILL be a more major cataclysmic war.  Will it be now, in this month or year?  Do I know?  Yes I know.  But how will I put it to you?  Because if I tell you it is no, there will be no war, then how will it influence the matter over all?  And what if I tell you yes, how will that influence the matter over all? I could instead, tell it is maybe, which is a combination of yes and no, yet how would that influence you?  Then you would tend to conclude that I don't know the full answer!
Perhaps the best course is to beat around the bush and not give an answer of no, yes, or maybe.  I should instead question the question itself.  That is what we can and must do in philosophy.  To go deeper into the mindset.  This moves the focus from the supposed subject, back into the arena of the self.  We transfer from external to internal.  After all, is not everything an enquiry into the self?

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Here is somebody who is my biological son: 

Video entitled "Peace"

Friday, December 25, 2020

Astronomy Sky Geography

More properly "Astro-sciences" Images to stimulate your wonder at the universe - a mysterious realm. [note: these images are borro...

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